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RE: Part 6: Coding on Hive with Python - Interacting with the Hive-Engine Side Chain

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Thank you I found that pretty useful. I am trying to learn a bit more about python, and more importantly learn how to get information such as you presented in the Step 1 - Checking wallet balances for Hive-Engine tokens I had trouble installing the hiveengine but with the links you provided and two ways of installing, it finally worked. I was able to just change the token name in the script and it worked.

It is getting pretty late here, so will try doing a few other things tomorrow. One thing when you have time would be getting token history, but I will eventually figure that out also, just have to keep looking.


Glad you found this blog. Happy to help.

The HiveEngine module documentation is pretty light, but the code is well organized and you can easily find the function for fetching the token history.

That is what I am hoping, I am still very new to python and that is why I bought my raspberrypi in November last year, I played with it during winter, and winter is here again, so hoping to re catch up on it some this winter.