No excuse for not looking good on social media

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Did a little experiment today with Lensa app and took a bunch of selfies from different angles to see if AI could come up with something decent. You do have to pay $3.00 for 100 renders, not all of them were great, but a handfull I really quite like.

This is what I started with (nothing to write home about)

headshots AGN.jpg

And these are some of the ones I like.






There where a bunch that made me look completely different or out of proportion.

I'm thinking about running them through some prompts through to see if I can get get some cool clothes or backgrounds.

But the point here was that if you can't afford the time or the money to get professional headshots for your resume or if you just want to update your LinkedIn profile, you can consider the option of spending $3.00 on something like Lensa, and you'll end up with something useable.

A always, keep one eye open when uploading your information to apps on the internet. Lensa's terms or service state that they delete your photos from their servers once your renders are done.

Go out and look good my friends!


Lensa collects a ton of personal data, the 3$ is a fake price only, you pay with the data plus the knowledge how you look like. Potentially dangerous.

Thanks for the warning. The company claims it does not keep photos, but then again, yiu never know.

I'm just experimenting with this, to see what applications AI could have. As they say,

AI will not replace you, a person that knows how to use AI will

That first portrait looks great.

You've got a business face 😎✌️

But looking clean and fresh my man!!!


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Hopefully I don't have a punchable face, right? 😄

Yeah, just experimenting with AI stuff. I had lunch with a photographer friend and he thinks he'll be out of a job soon. I think we need to embrace these tools and use them to our advantage.

No laughs, that thought didn't come to mind🤣🤣

Well I don't think so, perhaps it might pose a challenge to him, but photos taken by photographers can be alot more stunning, ive seen some pretty dope photos...

But it will pose a challenge no doubt!

Looking good as they say is good business and these are really interesting ways to look good and sharp, hehe.

Thank you for stopping these tips, I !LUV it!

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Yes! Having some professional photos is always a good idea. I understand it's not always within one's budget. So I think these are at least some options for you to look good. Use at your own discretion though.

It's a good one, I will surely keep your advice in mind, thank you!


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Alex you good looking bastard.

That's the comment.

Aw shucks! 😄