DON'T Buy Email Hosting From Your Web Registrar!

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Being able to use your business name for your email address is professional and also puts you more in control of your communications. Most email hosting options offered by your web registrar are NOT private though, so what do you do? You can host any domain email with Protonmail instead!

Protonmail is renowned for their great privacy and encryption, but you don't have to use their email address -- they allow you to use your own custom domain, while still enjoying all the encryption benefits they have to offer!

In this video we will teach you how to move your custom email domain over to Protonmail, to keep all your communications private.

00:00: Intro
02:00: Protonmail Privacy
04:53: Moving Custom Domains to Protonmail
06:04: Adding Your Domain
06:18: Verify Your Domain
08:04: Configure DNS Records
08:50: Create Addresses / Add Users
09:23: Configure DNS Records - cont’d
14:15: Why Custom Domains Are Important

Let’s move towards email providers that don’t harvest the content of all our emails. This goes a long way to helping us reclaim our privacy in the digital age.

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