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RE: reCAPTCHA concerns for developers and end-users

in #privacy11 months ago

I was very fortunate to have been taught to analyze my anger from a young age. I was probably instructed about this because I had a lot of anger. Patience is the virtue on the other side of wrath, that I still have to work on. Today as I pay close attention to the puppet masters that are bringing on the great reset as they brainwash the masses, I remind myself that I am only about the truth. The truth is powerful and more and more are waking up. The only truth that I know is love. When I remember that, I feel sorry for the globalists who do not realize they are doing something to themselves that is much worse than death. There is nothing that they can do to me to convince me to inject their poisons or to put my consciousness into something that is not organic. I feel sorry for those that do. When people wish for death and death won't come, I can't imagine anything worse. All I can do is focus on speaking the truth and living the truth.