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RE: Google Faces Antitrust Probes By 48 States And DOJ -- Use Presearch

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The problem is Goolag is deep state.

Sooooo, mostly the fines are just profit sharing.
But we may be looking at some actual light be shined on the subject.

Now, they enjoy collecting data on everyone,
however, that is secondary to controlling the flow of information.
And they will not back down on that aspect.

So, what will actually happen? I hope that all the deep-state ties comes out into the open


Good points made, but any public criticism of google
makes people more aware , and they hopefully start using google alternatives.
Google is evil...look here:

@builderofcastles very good points keeping in mind GOOGLE has contracts with NSA , DIA and CIA to name only 3. They also, even though they are built on LINUX, contracted with Micro-infirm.
@luca1777 there can be no such thing as "Too Much" of anything informative concerning Google. I quit using google 4 years ago when I started using "Ecosia and duckduckgo" for my searches. neither one collects data or tracks your searches, but Ecosia will plant a tree for each search. There are, of course, many different search engines, many of which are very specific to what you look for.
Everyone, never give up the good fight! be careful and use a VPN!

There is also
Thanks and take care, too ;)