3D Printed Mask and Some Neat Shelves!

in #print3d2 years ago

How's it going guys?

I went back to work for the first time in 2 weeks today. It sucked just as much as I remember although I'm thankful to be working. I shared a timelapse of my new mask a couple days ago and I finally finished the full working design. I used an old dog collar, superglue, a cloth mask, and some 3D printed parts. Here it is!



As you can see here, I ended up replacing the shitty ear loops from a surgical mask. I cut the straps off this cloth mask, superglued around the edges, and viola.


Is it comfortable?

Yes it is. Before I added the cloth mask on the inside it was a little weird. This added actual use for the mask and a ton of comfort!

What else?

Well, I've been trying to decide how to cleanup and organize all the random things I've printed. I came across some pretty neat little brackets that can turn number 2 pencils into little shelves. M wife loved them so I got to printing.


I'm definitely printing more of these. They dont take long to print and they're really easy to assemble/disassemble.


Cleaned up my random print table quite a bit. I love them!

Some short timelapses.

I forgot to edit the settings of the higher quality timelapses... So I ended up with some extremely fast ones. They look good but I fucked up the timing. I'll get it right eventually!

The clasps for the mask.

The little shelf brackets.

Thanks for reading/watching! Let me know what you think please.

Have an awesome night.


Good idea. This mask looks awesome. 🙌

Thank you! I didn't design the original mask but I did customize it a bit.

Manually curated by goldendawne from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Wow, the mask was really amazing! Sensational and congratulations on your work!

Very creative the support made with pencils hehehe ...

Thanks buddy!

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