3D Print: Succulent Planters

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Hope you're having a great day.

Today I realized that I had 5 succulents with no homes. I found some awesome designs on thingiverse for planters but I kept searching. Finally, I happened upon some d&d themes planters. I'm a nerd so it it caught my attention. These d&d dice planters are perfect.

Check dimensions.

I found them, loaded em into my slicer, and hit print with no thought. I should have measured and scaled up the d12 dice.

Here's what they look like.


They didn't come out anywhere near perfect. It was a 12 hour print and I was scared I'd run out of Filament. Spent the afternoon attempting to transfer these succulents to the new planters. The wife helped a lot.


We couldn't make the d12s work. Too small. Will reprint.


I'm happy with how these few came our. Going to reprint the d12s and see how they come out.


Thanks for reading/watching.

Have a great night.


Manually curated by goldendawne from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

That is very cool!

Thanks for checking it out! Follow for more 3D printing stuff.

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Lovely containers for your plants!

Thank you!


Those are awesome! Fantastic idea. I hope you remember them for Christmas! Personally, I'd be thrilled to get a gift like that.

I've got more on the printer now in various sizes and different colors. I have more succulents to transplant so I'll be sharing that soon. Thanks!

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