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RE: Reducing Power Down Period. Analyzing the Options.

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13 weeks is way too long, imo. I never powered down, nor had the intention to do so, but I would consider it to be an annoying hassle to wait for 13 weeks.
Then again...
About 18 months ago, my account was hacked. Not too much damage was done, and I was lucky enough to get my account back in a little less than a week. Those were pretty terrifying days, though, not knowing whether I would get back in control in only 7 days. If it wouldn't have worked, and if there would have only been a 4-week power down in place, I would have lost a significant amount...


You are in the position of living through a hack experience, but also say 13 weeks for power down is too long. What would you choose among the options above? Or something different?

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