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RE: Reducing Power Down Period. Analyzing the Options.

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You forgot to mention that a long Power Down time frame like 13 weeks prevents exchanges from voting for Witnesses and SPS Proposals.

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And that's a Pro for a longer power down period, and a Con for shorter or immediate power downs. Otherwise exchanges would use the liquid STEEM of their clients to vote in or out witnesses and Steem proposals, while being briefly vested to be able to do that.

And I think this is the most important reason for keeping the Power Down 13 weeks.

@thecryptodrive must have missed this and if his proposal ever got approved, it could dramatically increase the centralization of Steem and could even ruin what we currently have.

I'm not in favour of instant powerdowns or very short periods like one week, I think 4 weeks is nicely balanced, we can also look at adding a blacklist oracle for known exchange accounts, preventing them from voting regardless of powerdown length.

@chrisrice see above