Oh god

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Don't know if this the most stupid or brilliant idea of the year.

What I do know is that even me that I am a big proponent of masks, I'd never use this ridiculous and cringy thing. After all, there is a much simpler and more effective solution. Just dont eat in a fucking restaurant.

Would you?


Definitely a brilliant idea. He should invent an ass mask as well so he won't take coronavirus while shitting. The more time passes I feel like humanity is getting rather dumber than smarter.

Do you mean an ass-face mask for people like trumpman with ass-faces or ass masks for asses like trumpman? 🤔

I actually had that guy in mind when thinking of the mask, not trumpan but, if he asks for it, we might get the damn masks into production.

Is that Craig Wright?

This is cringey as fuck lol. If I were in a restaurant and I would someone using this I don't think I could contain my laughter.

me too XD

Damned. The picture makes me think to the stupid venom movie...

Well, I honestly wear these masks only to avoid having to pay fines, but even if I would do it out of conviction, then as little as possible, so not on walks and certainly not in restaurants, which are taboo for me now.

welll we dont have fines in greece but I think masks are great to keep the economy rolling and control spreading. And to protect the weak of course, which is why I wear them in confined spaces.. Instead of stupid lock downs they should have been mandatory from day 1 imo, with super high fines for those not wearing them, or wearing them wrongly.

I have never thought of it that way, and if I grant you anything, it is that your economy will be boosted again, if possible without further interference from these EU gangsters.

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I don't know man, if you replace food with beer, it turns into a brilliant idea.

He's a moron. He should become No1 guy on Steem/HIVE


I wondering if I should be using this while eating out my girlfriend ? could be kinda kinky

Yes, as long as you truly love her and it's connected directly to her ass ❤️

This system is crazy... what about the fork and knife and plate and food? Should everyone be carrying around a fork and knife?

If that guy has that amount of money to spend he should be investing in antibody medicine, that's what will really help us defeat this, and also vaccines ofc... but antibodies first since they are easy to make and can help a critical patients survive.