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RE: Postbot improvements

in #posh2 years ago

Idea it's kinda spammy to see all the twitter comments on a post. Would be nice to have just a single comment that is updated whenever a twitter mention is made. That way, if you're curious what all the twitter mentions are, you can just check the single poshbot post on the article instead of having to scroll and hunt for them.

Also, it would be nice if you could post the analytics details for each tweet like engagements, impressions, etc... That way you can gauge the impact of a post based on the tweet stats. It would be even cooler if that information was updated in a custom_json transaction. Then a condenser could include it in the user interface.

 2 years ago 

Each twitter common adds value. If there are a lot of poshbot comments then there are a lot of tweets referencing a post and it is likely popular. In this case there are likely lots of other comments on the post that make the posh comments a minority. If not then someone is likely doing something unethical and will be dealt with accordingly.

Ok. I missed that this is a way that someone could post a comment from twitter. I kinda see that, but just like any comment they can spam besides gamifying. Like someone could just be sharing the link to a blog post without actually commenting on it.