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RE: Postbot improvements

in #posh3 years ago

Is it possible to have subsequent shares of the same posts posted as replies to the first share instead of all having their own unique comment entry?

 3 years ago 

It gets a lot more complicated and error prone doing that, and most posts will only have one share anyway.

Also, every post I write, I tweet. How do I keep my own tweets from showing up in comments on my posts? I want to see what other people are tweeting about me, not what I just tweeted about myself.

 3 years ago 

It will always show them, I don’t have any plans to do per user settings.

There are two problems being solved.

  1. save users time so they don’t need to leave a comment every time they post. This is the most common use as many people are trying to show proof of sharing (posh).

  2. notify users when someone else tweeted this post. This is the more powerful and useful feature.

Disagree. This can be gamified. People can use it to promote their own twitter profiles by mentioning posts of high-profile hive bloggers/witnesses. It ends up being pretty spammy. I had to take down my @exifr bot because of complaints about it being spammy by creating a separate comment for each photo. My argument was the same

Well, most posts will only have one photo.

Famous last words.

 3 years ago 

Most everything can be gamified.