Jeff Bezos Amazon vs Amazon Fires: Is Big Tech For Or Against Humanity?

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The recent forest fires in the Amazon basin have caused a side effect that is also important to look at. While the activity of the internet might not seem to be as important as keeping the rainforest alive, the fact remains that so many of us rely on the internet and Google searching for our information, that the future of the planet is heavily influenced by what Google shows us when we search. I recently explained some of why Google’s search results are so skewed – they ultimately weight the results in favour of what they call ‘authority’ - so even if a page is less relevant to your search or not the highest quality page available, you may still see it at to the top of your search results due to the website it sits on being deemed ‘high authority’.

This is part of why people have been experiencing that when searching for information on the Amazon fires they actually get links to buy the company ‘Amazon’s tablets branded with the name ‘fire’. So as people’s passionate intent to protect themselves and help the planet drives them to search for information on Google, they are instead pushed to buy more products. Since the capitalist drive for ever more profit is likely behind some of the fires in the Amazon, this understandably does not sit well with environmentally conscious internetters.

Many web users have put out calls for Amazon (the company) to pay to help save the Amazon rainforest – but here’s the thing.. As long as humans can actually survive without the rainforest, it’s destruction FINANCIALLY BENEFITS the Amazon company. Why? A) The more cheap products come out of South America, the more competitive the market becomes and the more products are sold. B) The less important the Amazon rainforest becomes, the less traffic there is searching for that keyword and the less competition the Amazon company has in search engines to rank in results.

The destruction of the rainforest is a boost for the Amazon marketplace’s SEO programs. Their profit margin increases as the forest burns. When there’s none left, Jeff Bezos wins more billions! Yes, this is actually true – it’s part of why the basic capitalist equations that fail to factor in the planet that they are built to exploit could well be part of why we become extinct!

Would Jeff Bezos spending millions or billions to help the rainforest help the situation? Possibly, to some extent, since it seems the Brazilian government aren’t doing a great deal. Their position is continuing denial of reality. This is sadly, much the same as some commenters online – who have been pointing to NASA’s statement that the levels of fires in the area are not unusual compared to other years – however, Brazil’s space research centre has stated:

“According to Brazil’s space research centre, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE), wildfires in the Amazon rainforest hit a record number this year: 72,843.

This figure showed a sharp increase of 83 percent against the same period in 2018, marking the highest since records began in 2013.”

So clearly there are biases and agendas at play, even in this most important topic for humanity.

While it is tempting to pressure companies like Amazon to take steps to save their namesake – it remains ALL of our responsibilities to do what we can to bring balance, including, as I pointed to in my previous video, reforesting our own regions and becoming sustainable producers of our own plant based foods for starters.

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Ura Soul


My previous video on the Amazon fires:

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you’re pointing to very interesting thoughts @ura-soul !!! it’s terrible to imagine that so horrible events could benefit so much to big ones in technology, but maybe it’s the way it is... uh, no !! we are here too :-) I just wrote an article about those fires and how everyone can help, here’s why I enjoyed your video twice as much !
keep up the good work and be well ;-)

Thanks for your focus! Wishing you well as well!

you're welcome ! indeed very well :)


I love capitalism. But Amazon is not that.

Capitalism is the private ownership of the means of production, typically coupled with trade and markets. I'd say those are fundamental aspects and requirements of Amazon's operations, no?

There is more to Amazon than what you are talking about. So, it looks like you have no idea what I'm talking about. You will probably ask me what I'm talking about or you will think I'm stupid and not respond. Sadly, if you're not talking about what Amazon has in common with other tech cartels, you are missing out. Oh, and by the way, it is very expensive to maintain the means of production. Maintenance and upgrades is so expensive. Plus. Employer to employee ratio, money wise, is a reverse funnel. It is like a sprinkler system. The money flows through the hose and out of the sprinkler. Yes, there is more money or more water in the hose. It spreads out onto the grass, the employees. A decrees of water in the hose does not mean an increase in the output of what comes out of the sprinkler and onto the grass.

I can't think of anything about amazon that negates the key identifying factors of a capitalistic enterprise enough to conclude amazon isn't capitalist.

You probably love China and Soros and Rothschild and others. If you follow the money and follow history, you can see the people and the groups who were behind the rise of tech cartels. One of the problems is that of DARPA, NASA, FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. In many cases, they are behind big things. China is buying up shares in big companies. Liability protection is a problem. Geoengineering is a big problem. The list goes on and on and the history is very long as well.

All I have done is describe the mechanics of captialism - there is nothing I have said or written anywhere in over 10 years of doing so that says I like China, Soros or the Rothschilds. Regardless of who is behind Amazon, it is still an entity that uses capitalism is it not?
If you are saying that Amazon is a vehicle for authoritarian communism, that's something else - but what is the evidence for that?

You were told lies about capitalism by people like Soros. There are so many problems that we have in the world, including technocracy, Corporatism, monopolism, plutocracy, authoritarianism, tyranny, globalism, the central banks, etc, etc, etc.

I have studied all of these things for decades. You are avoiding the details here. I deal in details.

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