"Consciousness" From Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens to Homo Web3.0.

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"I've never seen an onion make someone cry without they tearing it in pieces"

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I just read a very good article written by @julianhorack which in my opinion is pretty interesting, informative, very well written and mostly eye-opening. You can read it right away before moving on to read this post further just by clicking on the image above or on its title. Yeah, both links will take you to the home of his fascinating essay and flowery prose. ¡Trust me! Yeah, I really recommend it!

And me, meanwhile, here and for now. I will only dedicate myself to picking up the baton where he left off and I will only try to simply complement a bit the meaningful platitude in his post by illustrating a few of his points with some outlandish pictures and incorporating audio here & there thru some audiovisual content. In view of the fact that he didn't use much of this eye-candy throughout his article.

Okay, alright! Then let's start with... with... with... uhm... erm... well, let's say ¿Biology?

¡Know yourself!

Uhm, actually I plan to address this issue of "consciousness" later with subsequent posts but from a different point of view and perspective. Since as many must already know, the subject of consciousness is one of my favorite topics to deal with in my content.

And that's why I think it won't be appropriate, relevant or productive to add many more of my own words, images, or videos to illustrate or complement @julianhorack's article to make you think. Since his article is here the central part where you should focus your attention to find out what I wanted to communicate to you today through this post. Just take it as an unusual way to reblog someone else's article.

Now, if you like my approach on things, the entertaining manner and style in which I write, and you would like to read a little more of my own words on the subject. Then, perhaps I would recommend you to click here and read what I already wrote three months ago on the same subject through a profusely well illustrated and well-explained article in my own words. With that, I guess you'll have enough words to read.

So again. If you really want to read something interesting and thought provoking. Just click on the image or the title of the image that starts this post. Both links will lead you to the splendid article of my 'reblogged guest' today. ¡That's what matters!

That I here today have done nothing more than try to adorn and illustrate his interesting speech a little, through some random words of my own authorship and one or another visual and audiovisual resource as I have said before. };)

Since as the old expression says: "The proof is in the pudding" and therefore I don't have much more to add on the subject. Except, perhaps, sharing his article on my own blog for my scarce audience. Illustrate it and embellish it a bit with my own visual nonsense. Simply, because I think he didn't do it beyond his very eloquent prose.

So without anything else to add on the matter, just one question:

¿Do you already know yourself well?

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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