DARPA Building a 'Ministry of Truth' Filter for Internet

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In their "noble" goal to "defend against large-scale, automated disinformation attacks", the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is going to create software to monitor the whole net and fight "polarizing viral content" before it spreads.


The software will scan news stories, photos and videos to identify this so-called "polarizing viral content" and stop its spread to eliminate "malicious intent" entirely.

Sounds good? No, it's more of the total control nightmare becoming a reality. It's an Orwellian wet dream for the controllers. They want to filter everything through their corrupted establishment lens.

Algorithms will able put in place to detect and screen anything from memes to stories in order identify "inauthentic or fake" content, and prevent it from spreading. That clearly spells the beginning of the end to free thinking online, if they succeed.

"Trusted" sources like the mainstream media just peddle the accepted narrative, often with misinformation and falsity to support agendas of the elite. Anyone who has information that contradicts the official narrative is putting out, according to them, "inauthentic or fake" content. This means we're all going to be deemed as spreading "polarizing viral content" and of engaging in "malicious intent".

Wiping out dissident voices is the goal. Sanitizing the internet to better brainwash the masses. Getting rid of alternative media and cementing the mainstream media once again as the only source everyone will have to shape their perception of reality.



The battle for power is on! One thing that the whole cambridge analytic fiasco showed me was that mainstream had lost control of influence.. CA demonstrated that anyone can shift the opinions of the masses..and even alter an electin result, or huge matters like brexit.. a real shocker to them!.. they have suddenly lost control! I guess this is their solution to try to grab it back.. lets see how it goes.. i have a feeling people will find another way to influence using the internet.. or maybe blockchain...!

Well blockchain still uses the "pipes" of the net... so we need another network that isn't controlled ...

its very technical huh, lets leave this to the kids to figure out ;-)!

It's an Orwellian wet dream

Indeed 😫

Welcome to the world where information is being controlled and only fake news and stories appears legitimate.

Yup, cue war in Syria and overthrow of Venezuela

Oh thank goodness. All this thinking for myself and freedom was getting exhausting.

We'll have to organize the resistance on Steemit.


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Ah great game... MTG 1 and 2... memories... :)

There is always two sides to every story when you dig deeper into the reality of things. Food for thought.

Saludos a todos los steemians,

Si no fuera porque en los últimos tiempos, hemos observado, como las élites políticas del mundo vienen legislando para controlar la internet, diría que es otra noticia sobre teorías de la conspiración. Pero la realidad es más que convincente, nos acercamos a la manifestación de la distopía de Orwell y debemos prepararnos, lo mejor posible, para escapar o evitar sus efectos en nosotros. Nada fácil, la lucha es por nuestras mentes y corazones. Hay que despertar y ser super crítico al respecto. En lo personal, ahora, desconfío de casi todo lo que leo en los medios masivos, y procuro encontrar otros espacios descentralizados que busquen la expresión libre de nuestras ideas. Por lo tanto, tenemos que defender nuestros espacios de interacción aunque vayamos cuesta arriba. ¿Cómo? Simple, no dejemos de pensar, ser crítico con nosotros mismos, ejerciendo con palabras y acciones nuestras individualidad sin perjudicar a los demás.