The Scientism Cult

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A little while ago I was sitting in my living room looking over Facebook posts of people talking about Q-anon and these other "alt-right" Trump loving racist people acting as though they were in a cult.

Yet these same people glorify government, science all the nonsense they entail.

Do these people not realize that when you say things like "the government wouldn't do that" and "the science is settled" or "trust the science" that they're acting very much like a cult themselves?


I found an article here from the Tennessean titled What makes a cult a cult? that does pretty decent job explaining the basics of cults and how to spot one.

Now while this specific article refers to bible belts and the cults that are in those areas, these can pretty much be applied across the board.

Let me show you.

What is a cult?

A cult is a group or movement held together by a shared commitment to a charismatic leader or ideology. It has a belief system that has the answers to all of life’s questions and offers a special solution to be gained only by following the leader’s rules. It requires a high level of commitment from at least some of the members.

Pretty interesting start isn't it?

Let me ask you this...

What do you see when you look at the television?
I generally see people like politicians and doctors/scientists who are well spoken speaking about Covid right now and how destroying our livelihoods until we get a vaccine that's gonna save us. If it's not the politicians/doctors/scientists, it's their followers. Lotta commitment there I'd say.

Notice how you hardly ever see anyone with an opposing opinion in the spotlight right now? And if they are they are painted in a rather negative light as a science denier or selfish?

Notice how if subjects such as treatment for Covid come up, the answer is always the vaccine?

Interesting this racket is... isn't it?

4 Components of a Cult

(1) Charismatic Leader

The charismatic leader is the originator of the group. Charismatic leaders are people who are great manipulators, they’re charming. They know how to read people. They come along and offer a message that is going to resonate with somebody. Once they get a few followers that’s all they need and then those people go out, recruit more and they build up an aura around the leader.

As said above, you can generally see these people when you flip on the television. These are the politicians/doctors/scientists that are the "experts" and must be listened to. They are generally well spoken people and they speak the same narrative over and over again. Take for example the current associate chief medical officer of health Barbara Yaffe being caught on video admitting she's just reading what she's told to read. Calm, charismatic & with a grandmotherly nature; she sits on tv and tells you what and how to think.

(2) Transcendent belief system

Most religions and even political groups are going to have a transcendent belief system, meaning they’re stating how to get to some better place. But what’s different in cultic groups is they have their way to get you there. It’s what I call the recipe for change. In order to be part of the group, you have to go through a transformational process, which they dictate to you and you can’t be there otherwise. That’s the indoctrination program.

"Flatten the curve"
"Stop the spread"
"Vaccines save lives"
"Wear a mask"
"Trust the science"
"The science is settled"
"Conspiracy theorist"

I could go on.

I don't know about you, but being someone who pays attention to current events and for the most part... remembers things that happens. Take a moment to think back to 8 months ago when this all started happening.

About this time last year we were celebrating with our families. Outside of the general worries there wasn't a whole lot. Then along came February when shit started hitting the fan in China. By march we were getting our first cases here and looking to lock things down for 2 weeks.

Remember "Flatten the Curve"? Remember "We're in this together"?
You know... when we were all ok with staying home for 2 weeks or maybe even up to a month to stop the Covids from killing everyone and to prepare our hospitals for possible overflow?

Remember after that when they started switching from "Flatten the Curve" to "Stop the Spread"? And then they started bringing in CERB for people who were affected? Remember after that when we moved into summer we started opening things up but then were told we needed to prepare for the "second wave" and that we needed to start wearing masks to stop "asymptomatic spread"?

Funny how they told us then that the vaccine was in the works and that things will go back to normal once we got it but now we're being told that we need to continue wearing masks after the vaccine?

So far the plan is to wear masks, stay home and wait for a vaccine 'cause the vaccine is gonna fix everything. In fact, some Chief Health Officers in Canada are telling us they won't open back up until there is a vaccine.
Problem solved.

(3) Systems of Control

They think they’re joining something that’s going to give them purpose and meaning. Slowly the heat gets turned up and you go through the rituals or the study sessions that get you more and more drawn in. As this process goes on, the person begins to adopt this new worldview that requires new behaviors and which most often requires cutting off from the past. There’s all kinds of control mechanisms, which are the rules and regulations. You’ve got to dress this way.

A LOT of this I have just said in the above point.

How many people do you know now personally LOVE wearing masks?
How many store policies have you seen that will not allow anyone into the premises without a mask?
How many news stories are you starting to see now of fines being handed out for non-compliance of the rules?

This last one being the most important since mind controlling with the television isn't working as efficiently as they would have hoped from being caught in too many lies... now they're threatening to steal your money if you do not comply with their systems. Since we're already severely hurting economically, this last part is generally enough to scare most straight since they know they'll end up homeless if they step out of line with mandatory vaccines and covid passes coming through the door.

4. Systems of influence

Then there’s the more subtle influences, which is the peer pressure. Older members will model for the new members how you’re supposed to behave. Before you know it, you’re so enveloped in this other reality that you don’t look to anything else. You don’t allow yourself to be opened to any other explanations. Your mind has completely closed in on this new worldview. So the connections to the belief system is kind of the glue that keeps you there. This is your only hope.

Last but not least we have the New Normal!
I highly doubt there is an individual in North America that hasn't heard how we aren't going back to the way things were but instead are moving towards a new normal in which we will all be happy in our slavery with the great reset.

People have become incredibly divided down the middle at this point - either you're an alt-right anti-science conspiracy theorist or you're not. Anyone who questions the vaccine whatsoever is chastised and ostracized. If you won't or can't wear a mask you deserve to be tarred and feathered. Even those who don't believe this is anymore than a hyped up cold are still wearing masks so as to fit in so they don't end up an outcast.

Final Thoughts

For the sake of this article I'm keeping it short to the point. After reading this I would imagine it's pretty straight forward if you apply it to today's situation that there are a lot of points that cannot be denied. The complete overhaul of our consciousness into a cult unbeknownst to an overwhelming majority of the population is upsetting at the very least.

Now is the time to call it out for what it is.

Scientism has become a mainstream cult.

Join me Thursdays at 6PM Central Standard Time at Against The Grain on Talkshoe.


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While I agree with most of what you said, I disagree with the part about Trump being a cult. Other than that, the post is great, especially the part about forcing people to wear masks.

I was looking over the posts of people talking about trump supporters being in a cult.

But they didn't realize in their glorification of scientism that they were the ones in the cult.

The log in the eye concept.

Does that make more sense?

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Pretty decent synopsis of what is going on with reasonable accuracy, when one has the position of authority as a politician, it's bad enough that they got rich while in office of "serving people", but when it's a bought and paid for scientist, it is even at the point of unfathomable and unconscionable.
I would add that anyone who is in the position of being a "servant" to the people and has gained the people's trust, and has violated that trust, is nothing more than a traitor, and in today's world, that is exactly what has happened.
Remember that when they say "we're all in this together", it just means they all go to their expensive houses together and sleep well. No conscience. Even the most well-intentioned soul has fell into their "do as I say, not as I do" cult. It's classic.

I have to agree.
"I was just doing my job" is no excuse.

Wasn't good enough for the Nuremberg Trials, not good enough now.

Sucks people find themselves in this kind of a position and the moment they stick their neck out, they get socially guillotined.

If people stuck together and supported those folks willing to put themselves on the line for humanity for real, things would be so so much different.

They would be different, because I think most people are against prolonged lockdowns and mask requirements.

Yes, lots of scientists are bought out. I think that is what is happening with global warming too. They fake data to fit their agenda.


and it's a damned shame cause it's doing a disservice to actual science.

I know, they are actually discrediting science, at least institutional science. I have a friend who is a flat earther, and some people talk about flat earthers like they are stupid. They are not stupid, simply mislead, and it is the fault of institutional science. If they didn't push fake data, people would not think the earth is flat. Also, although I am skeptical of flu-vax, I am not an anti-vaxxer. I understand why someone would be an anti-vaxxer though. If medical science were not controlled so much by big pharma, we would not have anti-vaxxers.

I agree with this.

Did you go to Facebook with the expectation of finding high level intellectual discourse? If so I think I have identified the point at which that plan went wrong.

This comment wins the day.

Yep! Totally with you on this!
I stopped watching main stream news back during the swine flu hoax.
When Trump was elected and the main stream was 100% against him, I realized I would have to find the opposite extreme just to get a balanced view and the same is true this time. When the main stream sings in unison, you know they are wrong (at best) - especially when you start digging and find that there's a very different story if you look.

I love science - when it's genuine science. But when they're using it to confirm what they already believe, then it's back to the realm of religion. We're going to lose genuine science due to this nonsense if we're not careful.