Project Looking Glass, QAnon, and Deep State Theories with Scott DeGroat (Nov. 2019)

in politics •  4 days ago  (edited)

These topics have recently intersected, and that interests me.

Many do not trust QAnon, and I do not blame them, but I personally do not feel it is some random faker. I do feel it is a White House insider posting, but due to the sketchiness of this office since decades, I do not personally fully trust it/them at this moment. I fully trust very few people though, so perhaps that's on me.

The thing here is that this government insider (in my opinion) recently brought up Project Looking Glass, which means this government insider (in my opinion) recently brought up aliens, UFO's, reverse engineered technology, seeing into the future, 2012, and a happier world to come. Hmm.

Scott DeGroat on the Tin Foil Hat Podcast, #251: Project Looking Glass:

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Why not talk to real people as opposed to people hiding behind masks?

It appears some feel it is a way to get a large amount of information out in an unofficial way that can later be verified quickly as a sort of mass info dumb into the mainstream.
Who knows.
I am open to masked or not, depending on their statements.