Pulling science into the political arena.

in #politics8 months ago


I think I've finally figured out how to voice my objection to all the 'scientific' arguments regarding COVID-19 be it lock-downs or mask wearing.

I object to the popular notions because it mixes science with politics. What happens is people 'scientificate' politics (a word I am coining to represent the opposite of 'politicizing science'). What I mean is that a scientific finding is put forth as an argument for political action. Science is being used as cover for bad political decisions.

Science and Politics are two very different and separate realms of human knowledge. Conclusions in science do not automatically prescribe a political solution.

Science taught us how to build nuclear weapons. It does not and cannot tell us how, when or whether to use them. This statement, I think, clearly demonstrates the separation between science and politics I am driving at.

Science may tell us that masks can prevent airborne particles from travelling greater than 6'. But that doesn't automatically justify governments imposing mask rules with threats of fines or jail time.

First, you must answer the question, "Is this a proper role for government?" And in a matter as important as this (i.e. personal liberty), answering 'yes' isn't sufficient. You must answer the question in the context of the proper roll of government, not 'science says'.