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sarcasm alert

Cold and foggy Sunday evening, thoughts about another working week ahead are making it more dark than it already is.
Is there a better way to motivate yourself than inspirational/motivational thoughts of vise and successful people who Carpe diem, since Nothing is impossible if you want it enough and who didn.t waste their time on being afraid of failure but kept walking knowing that There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs.?

Ok, I will give some credit to motivational quotes, they are basically symbolical representations of some facts of life as it is. The question is how much they can really motivate people? I personally don.t know anyone who was like: wooow this really made me do...something.

Motivation is much more complex than just reading think positive sentences.

That is why I have decided to put on homepage shortcut for InspiroBot, to give me daily dose of fun quotes :D

InspiroBot is AI that generates quotes that are quite different than human-made inspirational quotes; there are sentences about different aspects of life, more or less ironic and sarcastic, some very banal but true, some absurd.

The interface of the bot reminds of HAL 9000 :D

For the presentation of my new virtual toy (although it is not new) I have chosen mostly political quotes, ofc ;)




There are more and more tasks that AI is performing better than humans, motivating people seems to be one of them ;D

What do you think about inspirational/motivational quotes (human or nonhuman made)?

Tomorrow is a new day, let us forget corona, elections, poverty, hunger, pollution, economical slavery, human trafficking.... and enjoy Higgs boson.