3P+3D in 4D world: profit, profit, profit + denials, deceptions, divisions vs. The Doomsday clock

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sarcasm alert

In my previous post I mentioned some of the methods people use to become and stay rulers (not only in strict political sense of this word).
What follows it closer look to some phenomenon that make usage of those methods smooth and easy.

Using this word, we can refer to unconscious defense mechanism that protects people from facing unpleasant contents, those sort of things that we are not ready or do not have capacities to deal with. It can work as not perceiving or denying something.
We all have it and use it more or less, but extreme exploitation of it can lead to catastrophic consequences for person itself and also for its surrounding.
Person who does not “see” that partner is doing something that is hurtful to it (cheating or abusing- he is a good person just have a temper and kicks the life out of me because he loves me and is jealous...) or person with some addictions (I am not addicted to gambling, just sometimes <every day, even with last coin of money> I bet on sport events).
Of course, people can have all sort of recreative behaviors and we are talking about addiction when that starts to become compulsive and control the person instead of person is the one who can control it.

Contemporary most rapidly spreading is digital addiction, that is, inability to rationally use digital resources and limit time spent online. Be back to it later.

Another meaning of the denial is when we use different constructions to avoid facts or simply said - lying.
Denial is lately rapidly growing because we are becoming more and more intolerant to frustrations; we started to perceive comfort as existential need, but it really is not. Without air, food, water, we can die but not without lack of comfort. It is just our perception, based on human nature to avoid pain but very well fed with propaganda, so it has grown a lot.

Which leads us to next term- deception
We are all convinced that we are the ones who see the truth and others are more or less close to it, right?
Well, that is first deception :) Why? because reality is subjective, meaning, same thing we can perceive differently based on our personality traits; also, what we are perceiving every day is different, not only in so called real life (RL) but also online (very real but for some reason still called virtual ;) )

This means that live in the same physical reality (planet Earth or might be flat plate Earth), (something exist or does not exist whether we see it or not, whether we like it or not) but our psychological world is different. How it looks like depends on how much info we have, where we get them, how we process them or simply said, what mental filters we use while gathering info and how much denial :).

On a stage set like this, with the people primed to react in certain way, it is not hard to plan and achieve all sort of manipulations from those who have control over sources of info. Now, one might say, all those who have Internet can choose; true but not happening in high percent, due to complicity and time that gathering information and critical thinking requires- back to the comfort part ;)
Also, not happening because Internet is interactive and all sort of companies have investments in commercial social networks (that.s why they are free for us ;)) and latest achievements in development of AI are engaged in cracking our patterns of behavior so they can offer us content that is most comfortable for us, that is, content in line with our values and believes.
Klick by klick, like by like, without knowing it, we are seduced by shiny-happy life online, our thinking is changing, our behavior accordingly, and our use of devices is turning into addiction.

Just to be clear, Internet and social networks have great useful purpose for us ordinary users, here I am talking about dark side and useful purpose for someone else on account of our benefits.
And when I say US, it is generalization for purpose of simplifying, taken for granted that there are exceptions.


The thing here is that we are being prey and we think that is great :))

are so much more easily achieved, gap between us and them is wider, polarization and extremes are bigger and conflicts easier provoked.
Instead of developing decentration, openness, empathy, respect, democratic dialogue and tolerance, we are going in opposite direction. Guess who is profiting form that ;)


  • Human nature gave good starting point for exploitation of people by presenting it as their own will; in a way it is like that, on a surface level, we really do choose consciously our actions , just not with the awareness of which and how much of our desires are coming from unconscious level shaped with subtle and constant manipulations of data presented to us.
  • Denial is in a rise, on individual, corporate and political level. From denial of simple actions, through the denial of bigger events (noo my corporation industrial activities don.t have impact on environment) up to denial of climate change and species extinction and science itself.
    Extinction denial and categories of denial
    So easy to do it due to our readiness for closing our eyes in front of everything that threatens comfort. Even for the price of long term catastrophic consequences for individual physical and mental health likewise for humans as a species.
  • With so many sources of info, so much fake news, so much unnoticed manipulations, so little patience and effort to see and understand context and wider picture, it is not wonder that people are turning to easy solutions, tired of wandering around in search for the truth.
    This is post truth era, no truth any more and truth is anything that one wants it to be ;)
  • Evolution is a joker :D

Doomsday clock is on 100 seconds form 12h and our Wonderful world is waiting for our next move.

I.m going to see what is new on Facebook, you? ;P

BTW Happy 22.Google birthday ;D


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