Red State / Blue State and COVID-19

in #policy2 years ago

There's a definite ideological split in how we ought to respond to COVID-19. The split is actually what you'd think: Liberals are more concerned about public health policy and conservatives are more concerned about economic matters.

Neither are "right". It's just a matter of degree. Certainly if the virus was killing millions of Americans, there would be less concern about shutting things down. And certainly if we're facing economic catastrophe, there would be more willingness to take our chances with the virus.

Trump's comments today echoed the conservative position, naturally, saying something to the effect of "More will die in suicide from a depression than from this virus." Blue states aren't seeing it this way and are going to further extremes in shutting things down.

We're looking at yet another red state/blue state division here in America. It sucks that ideological leanings would affect what should be a scientific decision, but here we are.

We may be looking at a social scientific experiment in the making: When it's all said and done, which "color" states fared better?