Various Tech Podcasts I Think You Might Like

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As you can probably see from the title, I thought I would share/review some interesting podcasts related to Information Tech/Security and the news that is going on regarding it. There's always news in the tech world that effects us, so if you are looking for interesting podcasts then you might want to check them out.

Darknet Diaries is a podcast that I find really interesting which is focused on stories related to a wide variety of events and experiences. It's produced by Jack Rhysider, who seems very skilled in the field, but also breaks things down so that anybody can easily understand it. He covers a lot of different topics, and is definitely worth checking out. The first few episodes are available on YouTube, and the rest can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or

Black Hills Information Security is another podcast worth checking out, this one more focused on current events and news in the digital security landscape. It's a bit long, but full of a fair amount of banter and fun to listen to. You can find them on YouTube, Spotify, and I assume most any other podcast platform.

ShadowTalk Threat Intelligence is also a lot like the Black Hills Information Security podcast, except it is about half the length and a bit dry/to the point (and of course they usually cover somewhat different events since there's always a lot of them). I would definitely recommend checking them out if you want something like a weekly update on all the latest news. You can find it on YouTube, Spotify, and a whole host of other platforms.

Cybersecurity 101 with Joe and Larry is a podcast on Spotify that covers their experiences getting into cybersecurity. I saw it a while back and listened to a few episodes before more or less put it on the back burner, but since college season is starting here soon if you're thinking about getting into cybersecurity it would probably be a great podcast to check out.

Secret Bonus Content...
Oh, and before I leave I would also like to provide an update on the Hive movie, specifically that the very beginning of it has been put out as a trailer by clixmoney. You can view it here.

Anyway, I hope you found this interesting.