Lion Suit Conversations: Art, Life, Business, Health - Now On Aureal Podcast App!

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I am very excited to have LSC up and available through Aureal, which connects to your Hive account with rewards and auto-posts for new episodes. Fun stuff.

Take a listen. Follow along.
No set schedule, but more to come.

Filmmakers, healers, theorists, poets, stock and crypto traders, videographers, writers, musicians, business owners, carpenters, regular people sharing tricks, techniques, realizations, jokes, and thoughts.

(We are not financial advisors, and no financial advice is given here.)

Available On:

..and now Aureal App!


LSC 14: Jonathan Wesenberg - Film, TV, Life, Investing
LSC 13: Zac Hudson - Life, Spirituality, Health
LSC 12: Casey Pierce - Video, film, life
LSC 11: Jonathan Mitchell - Film, TV, life
LSC 10: Joseph Ebanks - Film, art, life
LSC 9: KM Franks - Health, yoga, art
LSC 8: Richard Harper - Music, poetry, travel
LSC 7: Sarah Carter - Writing, education
LSC 6: Ciona Rouse - Poetry, society, art
LSC 5: Graham Fitzpenn - Music, life
LSC 4: Zac Hudson - Health, spirituality, life
LSC 3: Mike Jones - Carpentry, dreams, writing
LSC 2: Schuyler Howie - Videography, creativity
LSC 1: Jonathan Mitchell - Film, TV, life


Be well.
(words and podcast promo art are original, and we are not financial advisors, and no financial advice is given here.)
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