Biphasic Sleep Experiment

in #pob4 months ago

For the last few weeks I've been loosely experimenting with breaking up my sleeping between late afternoon and early morning naps. What I've found is the ability to maintain my night owl sweet spot of productivity in the wee hours of the morning while still also being available and working during the traditional daytime work hours.


It's been a real game changer for my productivity and work happiness. But, it wasn't until Amy @bannedbooksart said this split of wake and sleep was called Biphasic Sleep that I learned why this works so well.

I found this article from Sleepopolis which was quite helpful in explaining the reasoning and history behind biphasic sleep.

“Biphasic sleep” might sound like a sciencey term, but it actually defines a pretty simple concept. It’s just the name for a type of sleep pattern in which a person divides their sleeping time into two sessions.

Part of my experiment also involves taking weekends off (Friday and Saturday). Sleeping a normal full night sleep and then kicking things off Sunday night. So far, I really like this and do believe this may just be the new normal for me. Though it is still early in the experiment. So, only time will tell whether biphasic sleep becomes something I can sustain over time. I hope so. I am truly enjoying those night owl hours without sacrificing daytime (normal work hours) time.


Normally, I only test out experiments for a month. But I can already tell this experiment will require a longer test phase. So, I've decided this will be a summertime experiment. Given how hot these temps have been in the afternoon's it's not too hard to get some naps in during the hottest times of the day. Triple-digit heat does make for prime sleep time.

I will update as I find new info to share. Right now things are looking good. But it is early on so things could change. At this time, I do believe I may have found my holy grail of sleep and wake time.



I did something similar in college. I would make sure to get my 6 to 8 hours of sleep in every day. However, they weren't in one stretch. I would fit in naps between classes. This allowed me to stay up late to study. I'd still get enough sleep.

I learned to fall asleep whenever I needed.

Make sure to record all the variables!! I want to see the results

It's a fascinating study, anyway. Apparently it would suit, say, medieval times as there would be always someone up to tend the fire or protect the hearth. I have heard though it's not as good for health, but I haven't done any research on it to know for sure. great that it's working for you - without my eight or nine hours sleep I'm a mess. I'm a 9 or 10 pm til 6 am girl! And maybe a fifteen minute doze or meditation in the afternoon on weekends...

My sister is very similar to you in regards to needing 9-10 hours of sleep in order to feel rested. She's always gone to sleep early. I've always been more of a night owl who is not a fan of early hours. Very different sleep patterns which fit our individual needs.

I know if I had to work an office job that biphasic sleep would not be an option. Which is why I am glad I do have the option.

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Very interesting article! I never heard of biphasic sleep, and apparently I'm also doing this. I started many years ago with taking a nap early afternoon. For me it works out well. I'm most productive after 11pm. Give it some time as you won't feel the result in a short time.

I sort of figured it would take more than a month to get the hang of it. I've dedicated my entire summer to figuring it out and tweaking it as I go. I'm glad to hear you've found success this way. Cheers!