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Holograms & Perception Management


I'd like to discuss evidence of a technology that exists. This technology has been publicly known since at least 1971. (1) However design started obviously much earlier. (2) For ordinary citizens this technology is kept in the realm of Science Fiction. For some strange reason we decide to believe that's all it has, & ever will be...

I'm referring to a specific phenomenon, but the public perception of its reality is not unique to other advanced technologies. (3) In other words, people feel this way about many strange things that do indeed exist. (4) Obviously there is a psychological aspect to this. Otherwise, such words as 'Holograms' would not be so laughable when discussed publicly. While we are briefly on the subject of perception & psychology, I believe traumatic / life-changing events may help to alter these realities. Some would even argue this has been proven by psychologists. (5) It becomes especially difficult when you are being told something is taking place that defines your reality. (6) Your witnessing this impossibility with your own eyes, while the ones telling you what's happening are considered "The Authority."

Rather it is your parents, the media, teachers, priests, rabbis, professors, etc. Nobody has the chance, as an individual to understand what they saw with their own eyes, as long as the authority is telling you what's real. Unfortunately, that is the society we live in. Conformity is another big part of why this happens, (7) I won't discuss that aspect of it yet...
Holograms have existed in the public domain for almost 50 years now. Wright Patterson Air Force Base was involved in testing military applications for this in the 70s. NASA was keeping up with its progress for at least a decade. (8)


Members of UFOlogy research will recognize this name immediately. The supposed location of the remains from the June 1947 Roswell UFO crash site. (9)

Side note: About 4 years prior the "Authorities" seized many of Nikola Tesla's experiments, papers & patents when he passed away. The FBI admits this on their own website. (10) One of his inventions was called a "Peace Ray" renamed by the media of course "The Death Ray." (11) The term is called field interference, magnetic fields, static fields, tesla coils, scalar waves, longitudinal waves, radio waves, microwaves affecting points of interference, somehow tapping into the Aether that Nikola Tesla famously spoke of. An unlimited amount of energy that is all-pervasive. Free energy that's both homogenous and isotropic. It is proven that this technology fell into the hands of the U.S. Government. It has also been proven this technology can be used to change the crystalline structure of matter itself. The reader will have to do further research into this in order to understand it. (12) I will say that I know this to be true.


Now in the year 2017, the concept of holography is widely accepted. In fact, there are even debates amongst physicists, suggesting holograms as a possible explanation for our entire 3D reality. (14) I'm not even going to touch that theory. But it shows how quickly an idea can grow and possibly how it can stay hidden from society. Are we really supposed to believe that we are just discovering the true capabilities of this technology? Consider that the Military has attempted to weaponize every new technology discovered before giving it to the public with good intentions. Think about it, did we have nuclear power first or "The Bomb" first. DARPA was working on the internet in 1968 and it wasn't commercialized until 1994. My only aim is to help people see that this technology could have become very advanced by the year 2001 and they could have easily kept that secret. The military also had at least 30 years of experience with high-powered lasers. Most of this information is publicly known. Not accepted by most, but known by a large minority. (15)

What is not known to the public is just how advanced it became in the military domain. This should not come as a surprise considering the U.S. government has been conducting secret projects since before the Cold War and President Eisenhower even warned of the potential danger this had on our society back in 1961. (16) Yet JFK went on to get assassinated and the secrets never stopped. Even Ronald Reagan had his mindset on the idea of Lasers. (17) As a matter of fact he was so determined that it interfered with diplomatic relations. Mainly because he wanted laser-based weapons and particle beams stationed in space. (18) The point I'm trying to make is that advanced weapons have been developed in secret for quite some time. They are easily kept secret despite the beliefs of many. (19) When something like that is shown to the public it becomes very unclear what it is we are looking at. Think about Hiroshima and the "Bomb" do you think anyone knew what they were seeing before someone in power told them what it was. Reminds me of an old quote by Arthur C. Clarke: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. But the common everyday person does not believe in magic. Therefore why would they believe in a "sufficiently advanced technology" being presented to them in real-time? They would not. Once they have been told so many different things eventually the observer accepts the answer he/she considers to be most possible, or in some cases what they want to be true.


   Unfortunately, this approach will drive you even further from the actual truth. Only when an individual is able to carefully observe what they've witnessed without any information being fed to them, without any feeling of embarrassment or judgment from peers and authority, and by relying on their own critical thinking, and observation skills can they determine what in front of them. If the situation is unprecedented and defies your current reality, take the time to stay alert and research the right information based only on truth, not the majority opinion. Look for physical evidence rather than possibilities. Instead of jumping to conclusions, take the time to listen to the evidence. It will give you the conclusion. 

Do you want to have the 1st explanation or do you want the truth?

Since the attacks of September 11th, 2001 many people have made outrageous speculations as to the possibility of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers witnessing the life, of virtually the entire planet. (20) Many people have tried to lead us to believe that the video footage released that day was fake or altered. There are minor anomalies in some footage that could point to this conclusion. I say minor because most of the major so-called 'video fakery' proofs have in fact been disproven and debunked by many independent researchers.

Check The Evidence
Mark Conlon Blogspot
Richplanet TV

Yet many of these "Truthers" have attempted to convince people that ALL the videos were faked on 9/11. (24) There were CGI planes, and ALL the eyewitness accounts are paid actors scripted to describe seeing airplanes. (25)

This idea is just as ludicrous as the idea of aluminum airplanes, making impossible maneuvers in the sky, by amateur pilots, at impossible speeds, absorbing into buildings, without slowing down, leaving impossible silhouettes of airplanes on steel structures, with no debris. (26)

Questions for the reader:


Is there a possibility that NIST, contractors, media, or the government altered ALL the footage?

Is it more possible that the Military has 'Optical Illusion' techniques for psychological warfare?

Consider the evidence:
I previously mentioned the suppression of Nikola Tesla's inventions. Well if you have seen the destruction of the twin towers then you have seen the effects of directed energy weapons. This has been proven in a Qui-tam court case filed by Dr. Judy Wood against NIST and its 9/11 Contractors which is documented in her 500-page investigation: Where did the towers go? The information is widely available, it is probable, and it is verifiable. It's important to note that the same companies who investigated the 9/11 attacks, also specialize in these energy weapons. As do other companies involved in 9/11. They have developed something called the 'Directed Energy Professional Society' their sponsors are all members of the military-industrial complex & private contractors for government agencies. Among the companies listed on the 'website sponsor page' is a company called SPIE. Which describes itself as an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light. Society for optics and photonics. This company specializes in military applications for holographic interferometry, lasers, illumination, displays, electronic imaging, signal processing, defense, and national security. They published a book in 1996 entitled: "Light in flight - the holodiagram the Columbia egg of optics."


This company has worked in close corners with NIST. (27) They were studying and testing holographic technology prior to 2001. They are a part of the 'Directed Energy Professional Society' and have direct ties to the people who investigated the destruction of the WTC buildings. We also have Wright Patterson AFB with links to NIST, and obviously, other advanced aircraft, working on holographic technology prior to 2001. We also have IPG Photonics Corporation, II-VI Optical Systems, Lasertel, and TOSC all working on similar technologies relating to 'electro-optics'.

All of these companies specialize in directed energy as well, along with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, ARA, SAIC, and many others. You're probably starting to see the pattern. All of this refers to the science of Interferometry and it's all part of the 'Psychological Warfare' department within the Military-Industrial Complex. Many of these companies have direct ties to the events of September 11th, 2001. (28) Including the investigation.


ARA - Applied Research Associates was hired by NIST and responsible for determining how WTC 7 was destroyed. It is very interesting to note that this report appears on ARA's website in the 'Weapons Development, Testing, & Effects' section. I wonder why? Possibly to study the effects of weapons they know to have been used on that day? Either way they were paid for it and determined a "collapse caused by fire" which is basically science fraud, as pointed out in the Dr. Judy Wood case. (29)

So far we have all of these defense companies working on holographic technology for military applications prior to 9/11 and they all have links to the same defense companies responsible for giving us 'The official story of 9/11' and they all have been involved in highly classified military & defense projects publicly unacknowledged by government officials). (30)

Connection to Former Area 51 employee - Edgar Fouche.


Edgar Fouche was a defense contractor/engineer who worked at Area 51 in the late '80s and is known for disclosing his knowledge of the TR3-B aircraft at the International UFO Congress in 1998.
In that speech, he mentions that the aircraft utilizes a special meta-material known as quasicrystals for the stealth technology of the TR3-B. He said most of the information regarding quasicrystals was highly classified because of the different defense applications the material provided. He explains briefly it was discovered in 1984 and that DARPA was funding studies into quasicrystals. The reason this is so interesting is that he goes into a bit of detail about the quasicrystal's potential for 3D Penrose tiling and this information has only recently come to be known to the public. (31) The information he presents regarding quasicrystals is almost verbatim to some scholarly papers being written today. (32) He disclosed this technology in 1998 and he was an engineer. There's no reason he should have knowledge that future physicists will be discussing it 20 years later unless he was directly involved in it.
He's been called a fraud online. (33) I believe through my own research that Edgar Fouche was an honest, genuine, guy who did not lie about what he did and saw, and he did work at Area 51. Researcher Andrew Johnson has done an amazing job at documenting the proof of this. It all seems to check out. (34)

Video: 1998 International UFO Congress - Edgar Fouche - Quasicrystal Section

He was also correct about when the quasicrystals were discovered, which I decided to do a bit more research on. That's when I found some very odd connections. Daniel Shectman is the man who found quasicrystals and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2013. (35) Shectman claims to have discovered these crystals in 1982 at NBS (NIST) while working alone. (36) He was born in 1941 in Tel Aviv (Palestine) Israel. (37) His father Joseph Shectman set up the first Jewish printing house in Palestine in the early 1900s which helped to eventually establish the first prime minister in Israel among other prominent political figures. (38) His father was a revolutionist and activist, and a prominent figure in the early Zionist movement. He has even written a few books about this subject. (39)

Dan Shcetman was in the Military and trained as a Sharpshooter. He later got his Ph.D. and took a job at the Aerospace Research Laboratories at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio to study compounds of the metals aluminum and titanium, with the goal of developing strong, lightweight materials for aircraft components. Yes, the same Wright-Patterson Air Force Base I mentioned before. He became part of Technion in the 60s – Israel Institute of Technology which was established in 1912 during the Ottoman Empire. (40) There are many connections between the U.S. Department of Energy and this Institute. (41) Schectman was at NBS (NIST) for a two-year position as a visiting researcher. He was ridiculed for 10 years after his discovery in the 80's. The head of his research group told him to "go back and read the textbook" Linus Pauling said: "There are no quasicrystals only quasi-scientists" and a couple of days later "asked him to leave for 'bringing disgrace' on the team." Then 1992-to 1994, he was asked back to NIST after Linus Pauling died - a man who tries to Schectman through what seems to be mystery religious subjects and scientific work. He also received the Rothschild Prize in Engineering in 1990. (42) Most of the information relating to Dan Schectman is on the NIST Website. Once again the same company that was hired by Congress to determine how the WTC was destroyed on 9/11.


After reading some "peer-reviewed" papers, It seems some applications refer to short wavelengths being used to create images of structures with the right meta-materials. It seems the quasicrystals can have multiple purposes possibly helping with propulsion techniques. Which is something else that Edgar Fouche mentioned, also energy solutions, and data storage. He gives a quote from the DoE regarding quasicrystals in the 1990s and refers to AIMS Laboratory being involved in studying this material. The Nobel Committee at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said that "Dan Schectman's discovery was extremely controversial," but that his work "eventually forced scientists to reconsider their conception of the very nature of matter." (43)

There is close to a 20-year gap between NIST getting ahold of this technology and Ed Fouche disclosing it at the conference. It is accepted in the mainstream that there are no technological applications for quasicrystals yet. However, the Nobel Prize did come in 2013. How did Edgar Fouche know this material could be used for stealth? Why have they only just recently mentioned the possibility of image projection/stealth? It does seem to have been a part of black projects at some time in the 80s - 90s. When Schectman published his first paper on this "The world went crazy, he got emails, phone calls, etc., and explained to many young scientists how to make this material. (44) Then he was ridiculed. Then we hear about this same technology being used at Area 51. Then all goes quiet, 9/11 happens, and we don't hear about quasicrystals again until 2013 when the Nobel Prize was awarded. Very interesting. Some of these documents are very telling too. (45)


It is important to mention these patents were filed with the U.S. Patent Office as well.

Hughes Aircraft Company - https://www.google.com/patents/US3940204
Holography Image Formation - https://www.google.com/patents/US3653736
Optical Control Shaping Beam - https://www.google.com/patents/US3529887

Many More Patents Exist.


To sum up this article for now I will mention that holographic technology was reported in the media before 9/11 referring to military psychological operations, used to deceive and confuse the enemy.

Washington Post “When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing” By William M. Arkin February 1, 1999
Quote: "US Air Force starts a research program this year to develop a “holographic projector” as a psychological warfare weapon. A military physicist given the task of looking into the hologram idea, the feasibility had been established of projecting large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air.

Sydney Morning Herald "Good Lord! What in heaven's name is that?" By David Hamling February 5, 2000
Quote: When warm air lies on top of cold air, the difference in density is enough to bend light. An artificial mirage could in theory be made by heating the atmosphere with radio waves or microwaves.


Information Operations: Wisdom Warfare For 2025 By The United States Air Force 1995-1996
Summary: This document is very large, and has many sections. It includes hypothetical scenarios for USAF Officers in the year 2025. Refers to holograms and many other disturbing technologies.
Specific Pages - http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/volume4/vol4ch03.pdf

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