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Solar for Siam is a NGO Facebook Page. It has few followers, but it's a great idea maybe ahead of its time. South East Asia is the perfect place to install Elon Musk's solar roofing. You can make one and call it Solar for your hometown or country. UNESCO's goal in making Luang Prabang a world heritage site was to preserve the traditional French and Siamese look. If they really want to do that, then they need to get rid of all the ugly power lines.

I love Laos and Thailand so that's why my project is called Solar for Siam. You can copy my idea and call it Solar for (Any Place)

I don't know if this is legally binding, but I promise I will not sue you if you take my idea and get rich. I will be happy for you and that someone used my idea.


  1. Create a Facebook Page / NGO / Gofundme for your hometown called:
    Solar for (Your Home)

  2. Get Elon Musk's solar roof technology installed at your church, temple, or hospital.

  3. Help us rid the world of powelines.

  4. Monetize the idea via affiliate marketing or a solar business.

  5. Check out my Facebook page:
    Copy me and make your own page or you can join me if you are in South East Asia and help grow Solar for Siam. I'll make you full admin if you're passionate about doing this.

One of the beautiful things about blockchain technology is now that this idea is out there it can't be erased or removed. Even if both the Chinese and American governments wanted to shut this down, they could not. They could take down the Youtube video, but not this idea. I really truly hope this idea takes off and we change the world with it. Even if it takes a decade or I die, my dream was recorded and time stamped by the Steemit blockchain.

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