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Hello/namaskaar how are friends hope you all are doing great and having in your life and enjoying it with your friends, family and loved ones

Today I have find of amazing channel in your tube that is all about space these days I am to much in this types of videos in youtube.


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I have seen and loved all the space related series or movies my last series about space is the Lost in space I am waiting for the third part these is lot more things going to happen in the next season.

The channel I have found on YouTube is
The video I have seen recently is this. I really love the space a lot and want to buy a telescope and see the space with my own eyes.

I hope you will like this amazing channel like I did

Thanks a lot for being here, I hope you find something new here.

Stay Home 🏡stay Safe✅


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If you like space stuff. Go for discovery plus subscription or better yet go for startalk YouTube channel. It's awesome.

thanks a lot bade bhai, I have seen the videos of the channel you have recommended that was great I have seen many cosmos episodes they all are amazing.

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Ох уж эти звуки в космосе)

yes this is really amazing,

I just noticed a common cliché: sounds in space😁

the space is amazing