The struggle that accompanies a legacy of challenges

in #piotrlast year

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We all struggle in life, each struggle is different from the one that the other person has, however it is important to know how to diagnose the type of struggle that we are developing.

Also we all fight to be someone in life, but that is not a fight to which all aspire, for example the work of firefighters is honorable, but little want it as the perennial struggle that must be gestated in favor of the life of other companions. When we fight for others is when the door of understanding opens the most.

We should not continue fighting without foundation, maybe some fight to continue being firemen because it satisfies their needs of ego and comfort, it is a reciprocal comfort, when something is wrong, effective communication transports us to places where equality among men prevails, but with a fighting and combative spirit, we will stop fighting when we cease to exist.