The DNA Computer

in #physics2 years ago

I have been reading a lot lately with the whole Covid "outside is bad" stuff that has been going around. The current book is called "The Begging of Infinity" by David Deutsch and it is quite good, Maybe a little boring at first, but gets good after the first couple chapters.

I am a math/physics nerd at heart so books like this really catch my interest. One thing interesting that I was reading was about Leonard Adleman's DNA computer. Leonard Adleman should be no stranger to someone interesred in blockchains or encryption as he is one of the creators of the RSA encryption algorithm.

Anyway, when reading this book by Deutsch and he mentioned how fast the DNA computer was for solving a problem I had to look a little more into to it because I honestly never heard of such a thing. Apparently, there was a way to solve a traveling salesman type problem using fragments of DNA in a solution in a test tube. These types of problems can be difficult to solve for classically as one would have to look at all possible routes that the "traveling salesman" would travel to hit his different destinations.

This also reminded me of the study where a slime mold was used to model Tokyo's subway system.
So yeah, definitely recommend reading this book if you are into theoretical physics, math, etc.


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