Wolfram sussed out the fundamental Theory of Physics?

in #physics5 months ago

The amazing Stephen Wolfram, a pioneer of complex systems and cellular automata, has developed models for how the structures of the universe came into being – the formation of space, time, and dimensionality.

Starting from a simple loop and a sprinkling of noise, our universe and it's incredibly complex patterns emerged from very simple rules.

He discusses how black holes are their own separate universes, that the event horizon where all time stops, is the boundary of this universe and another branch.

Dark matter may be lonely leftover particles from the earliest stage of the universe, being too low in energy to be visible on our scale.

There may be many different universes each with their own version of physics that works differently from our own.
The universe is a colossal computing structure, and all of physics is indeed digital.

This is an amazing article, and it's relatively accessible with a bit of time taken to digest it. Highly recommended.