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RE: Carnivorous Plant - 2x Sony, Canon, Panasonic

in #photography3 years ago

I absolutely adore the setup that you have there. That's the type of way I'd approach it too.

That old camera is beautiful! I have one very similar - it's generic in nature with 2mp. I also have one even older that writes its images to a floppy disk (!!). My USB/floppy reader gave up the ghost, but I've got a new one arriving tomorrow. When it arrives I'm going to resume #crappycameraphotos - the art of taking good pictures with old "crappy" cameras.



that writes its images to a floppy disk

Awesome! So you soon have a way to read the floppy discs again and we'll have #crappycameraphotos to admire at. :)

Thank you for the tip!