Note to Self: Remember to Make Regular Backups

in #photography2 years ago (edited)

It looks like my old hard drive is getting ready to go to the scrapyard.

Some of my oldest photos now look like this. I believe I have a backup or two somewhere... but where!? They must be somewhere along that big pile of CDs and DVDs that already have cobwebs all over them! Ahahhahah! 😂




These are the ones that look better. Some of the photos are over 90% corrupt. 😭

To say the truth, I can't remember exactly when I bought this drive. I think it was around 2008, which means it had a really great run. 11 years with almost daily usage is a lot of time for this ephemeral technology.

Learn from my mistakes...

  1. Make Backups;
  2. Don't forget where they are;
  3. Replace your Hard Drive every 5 or 7 years.

CameraSamsung L110
LocationVila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal
Photos3 (Edited with GIMP)


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I think you deserve some $trdo

Thanks. I think I deserve a new hard drive, too. 🤦‍♂️

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Terrible to lose your precious photos and endless hours of work. Thanks for reminding us all..before its too late :)

Yeah. It's a drag. I hope I can find those backups... Thanks for stopping by. Let's see if I can give you some !BEER or maybe a !DERANGED token. 🙃

Yes..rather safe than sorry..painful losing work:)

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Cheers! Enjoy your Friday :)

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The problem with me is that when I make back ups I can't literally find them! so I ended up loosing my files because O do not know where they are😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Welcome to my life. I know I put those photos on a CD or DVD somewhere. But where is that darn thing? 😂 😂 😂

you should do what I do: back it up on line and then, conveniently forget the password again. ahahahahaha

Oh, that's even worse. Damn!!!

life is a bitch! let's just laugh! its free!

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aaah that is so unfortunate that so many precious memories are ruined :( but yeah, I think we are all far too casual with our reliance on the efficiency of technology... and 99% of the time we have to learn the hard way!

So true. If something works... we assume it's going to work on the following day. 😂

I've lost more photos, swapping between machines, etc, than anything else. I have huge gaps in my collection which break my heart... especially when I can remember which pictures should be there - but aren't. Sometimes, when I've uploaded them to Zazzle, etc, they are somewhat retrievable - albeit in a lower-quality state than what was on my computer... ALWAYS have at least two copies of everything! And don't delete old SD cards - keep them pristine so that you have something left. Consider burning CDs and DVDs of your material as well... Even printing them out helps if necessary.

Good advice. Maybe someday, when I least expect it, I'll find those backups. And then I'll throw a party! 🎉

Oh!! that's really awful to loose your photos. I haven't hought about the age of the hard drive....But thanks a lot for the tip :)

Yes, it really sucks. Let's see if I can find those lost backups. I know I have them... somewhere.

Oh noooo! I'm so sorry!!!! This sucks!!! Yes, you are right about doing backup I always plan to do it tomorrow 🤭

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У меня настроен дома бекап на каждый день. Есть для этого внешний HDD 3 Gb

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I have had the same problem too with pictures I only had saved once :o

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