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The first group of the lost tribes of Israel are said to have left for Europe after the Egyptian captivity via the Phoenician trade routes...
The ships of Tyros-Hiram, Israel-David and the Assyrian ships sailed the seas, which led to being called Phoenicians regardless of their nationality, even the Greeks.

Thank you for your contribution, I love that, because they want to make our ancestry disappear here.

Thus the lost tribes of Israel are the Europeans, Irish, Scots, Celts, Goths....

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Thanks for your interesting comments.

The ships of Tyros-Hiram, Israel-David and the Assyrian ships sailed the seas, which led to being called Phoenicians regardless of their nationality, even the Greeks.

There is substantial evidence that trade was indeed being carried out between the people's of the British archipelago and way beyond Assyria over 6,000 years ago.

Gold and tin was traded from Ireland and Cornwall to Canaan (modern day Lebanon and Israel) via the Phoenician trade routes.

If you ask a Lebanese person their roots story they will tell you they are Phoenician. As seen in this video where the trade routes were discussed.

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because they want to make our ancestry disappear here.

Exactly. If an invader wants to dominate new people's and territory it destroys the history, culture and language of the conquered people. All of the Gaelic languages were banned

This was followed in 1537 with The Statute of Ireland – An Act for the English Order Habit and Language that prohibited the use of the Irish language in the Irish Parliament. In 1541, further legislation was passed which banned the use of Irish in the areas of Ireland then under English rule.

Source Irish History

Some tactics never change.

You're the bomb! That's what it looks like, they invade and take over or destroy our culture.
We don't hear anything about the Celts any more, they falsify history and the Khazars pretend to be the descendants of the Israelites. What a lie!

Thank you for your detailed explanation, your knowledge of the legal oppression of the Irish and their language.

The royal viper Elisabet has no business on the Irish/Scottish throne.

Thank you for your video, I will enjoy watching it tonight. 😊

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Ireland to the English, because of the call to go to war against us Germans. World War 1.
Irish/Scots- Zara Judah
Germans- Perez Judah
they are the largest tribe of the sons of Jacob and their union is seen in the flag the English have appropriated.

The English are as foreign occupied as all European countries.
The channel YHVH Germany is awesome, but everything is in German... you should check it out.

Thanks I will look into it. I do have a small amount of the German language that I can call upon.

England is as European as any country on the continent no matter how much some people want to deny it.

Scotland was first settled by the Irish recent research claims which turns the whole Scotia model on its head. 🤦‍♂️😂👍🏼

You are right, the English also belong to us Europeans, just like the Americans, the population I would not want to talk bad, but the rulers who have crept in among the Europeans and plunder them, in wars hetzten and worse.

One could say, the trick is obvious to me and that they make this since centuries.

SCOTA is a good keyword, because it is the descendants of David of the line Perez Judah.
The prophet Jeremiah who prophesied in the time of the last king Zedekiah of Judah, after the execution of the sons of Zedekiah by the Babylonians, brought the only female descendants of David to Ireland.... and fled from the Babylonians.

The two daughters of Zedekiah Tamar Teah Tephi and Scota.

Tamar Teah Tephi, who married the Irish/Scottish King Eochaid of the line Zarah Judah, to preserve the line Perez Judah.

You can see this here by the flag, which does not belong to the English.
The harp is the symbol of David Perez Judah and the red indented lion with the ribbon around it is an allusion to the red crimson thread that Zarah had tied around her hand at birth.

Zarah and Perez the sons of the tribal father Judah were twins.
That is why they say 13 tribes 12 nations of Israel, because Zarah and Perez are one nation and we are also the most oppressed.

Vereinigung der Brüder Serach und Perez.png

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