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RE: Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon Ghost Ship Rebuild

in #photography4 months ago

Incredible! How the hell did they manage to sail with it so far? I would not take the trip.


They were very accomplished sailors and the methods they used were quite simple but effective.

They basically sailed along the coastlines of the known world and they would be very aware of the stars in the sky to indicate their position.

They also had an early form of compass known as a lodeston which was magnetic and would point North.

Not such Dark Ages after all. 😂👍🏼

Um, makes sense, if they sailed along the coastlines. I was imagining something like crossing oceans 🤣

These early seafarers travelled far and wide and did indeed cross oceans like the North Atlantic. By following ice flows, stars and coastlines the Vikings landed in North America just a couple of hundred years later. 🤯👍🏼