Under stars and oaks. San Gerardo de Dota.

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San Gerardo de Dota, is located in one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica, full of nature and spectacular landscapes. However, during the night it shows another of its great attractions. The height of its mountains and the clean and cold air, reveal spectacular skies, countless stars and cosntelaciones fill every space of the sky. A paradise for night photography and astrophotography.

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That's a great picture thanks for sharing it. Do you have any tips for taking such an stunning picture? I think I need a tripod for my smartphone to actually capture something very close but not as amazing as yours.

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Thank you for the comment and support for my work. Definitely to photograph stars, a tripod is necessary to prevent movement. I have never taken night photography with a smartphone, I know that the new Huawei phone can make long exposure, but I don't know if other smartphones have this built-in capability. The ideal is to achieve an image of between 10 to 20 seconds of exposure and if the phone allows it, increase the sensitivity of the sensor, this allows to capture more light and highlight the brightness of the stars.

Yeah fair enough I think some suggested to use iso 200 and shutter speed of 8 secs (max possible) Huawei mate 8 and it let me take a few nice ones but not as many starts

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The ISO can even reach 3200 in the reflex cameras, but as I mentioned, I doubt how a smartphone works, possibly the small size of the sensor will cause a lot of noise and that is why they recommend a low ISO and time in smartphones. The maximum time is 20 seconds, above this time begin to create star trails. My phone is an Iphone 6 and does not work for night photography, Huawei on the other hand, they have dedicated to that theme.