Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao). Costa Rica

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The scarlet macaw is a large bird about 84 cm, is currently distributed in mangroves, dry, moist and wet forests of the Pacific Costa Rica. It feeds mainly on fruits and seeds, although it can also eat flowers, leaves and tender sticks and, larvae of insects.


Unfortunately this species is threatened with extinction in Costa Rica. The causes of this situation are the looting of the nests to sell pigeons as pets; the destruction of their natural habitat and the biology of the species. This species has only one partner during its entire life.



Hola @photographercr.
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My buddy @pdxlove should remember those on our way to Manuel Antonio Park!

Those are the Lapas that are near Jaco beach, they could be the ones you saw on the way.

What a stunning bird, I like the action shot as well.

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Yes, they are magnificent birds. Thanks for the comment.