Oropel the golden snake Costa Rica

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Oropel, Bocaracá, Vivora of eyelashes, all common names to name the same species, the Bothriechis schlegelii, and in turn all common names to denominate different aspects of this little snake. Oropel is normally called the yellow-gold variant of this reptile. The name Bocaracá is used for the green-gray variant, a color much more typical of the jungle, so it is much harder to see.

They are not aggressive snakes, usually they are huddled between the branches of trees and shrubs, so you have to be careful where one rests your hand, because that is where they wait for their victims, who are usually lizards and frogs, although occasionally they can eat some mammal or small bird. To hunt, these snakes use a hemototoxic venom, a venom that causes the death of red blood cells, therefore there is an obstruction of the vessels that prevents blood circulation, which causes organ failure. They also have to eat.


Wow! great shots of these beautiful snakes.


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