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RE: Comparing Old Cameras - Canon, Panasonic, Sony 18 MP to 3.2 MP

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Very nice comparisons. As for the slow autofocus on the Canon is that with the multi region or spot focus with continues on? mmm not sure what they call it you know the one where the camera decides where to focus in many spots? Personally, I don't like that at all and always put mine on spot focus.

Congrats on the curie, as for the stem ... pffft only those in the stem ring can use stem... I think that is how those tags work...


Spot focus is the more difficult one. Depends sometimes on things that I have no idea what they are. Although, with the other options, the end result is often blurry. Depends on the situation which focus I use, but as I was photographing today I started to think that it doesn't matter what I choose, the camera does what it pleases. So I'm actually suspecting that something else is also a bit broken than the Tamron lens. That means I may need a whole new camera, not only lenses.

Thanks! Pretty STEM now. :)

Yip pretty STEM :) Awe ... then again it may give you the excuse to buy a new camera ;)

It does!

 3 years ago 

Looks pretty T of the STEM front to me.

Phew! :)

We know that but do they...

I wonder if I should have a disclaimer for being a sour puss.

I wonder if I should have a disclaimer for being a sour puss.

No. Obvious things do not need to be mentioned. If there is a person who needs obvious things to be mentioned, one should not talk to that person at all. So obvious things do not need to be mentioned. Unless you are an entrepreneur. Then you always have to mention eeeeeeeeverything out loud and have it written everywhere three times.Oh, but that's an obvious thing... ...but I'm an entrepreneur! So things are in balance.

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Yes, because you are talking to one of them.

Then that is a win for them :).. Ah I forget you mentioned STEM. I love STEM long time.