The caelíferos "Tetrigoidea" # 12

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Greetings universe of Steemit lover of the science and the biology, as part of work of natural photography, in the small world of gardens and other natural places, we meet another ecosystem and his biodiversity, since in this opportunity I was not small saltamonte but of regular size, which is attacking someone I cultivate of me courts, detail it it seemed to me opportune to share a little on this species.


The caelifera are a part of of a sudorder of the Orthoptera, which concerns the species of grasshopper, in our case which today they sharing is Tetrigoidea, this species can be a plague in such a way that it reproduces since the female puts about 9000 10000, but it more amazing than these animals the air takes by means of espriráculos, tracheal respiration and breathing by means of the blowholes, which they have interspersed along his body. Mostly it always moves in big herds, They are insects which feeding is based on the consumption of vegetables.

The female differs from the male, because it is of major size, which differentiates between his species, they are the difference of size, camouflage, type of antennas, this adapts itself according to the climate and zone, because in some case has demonstrated big emigraciones, it is for it that some species, there demonstrated change of the wings of ahead which are coriáceas and are not useful for the flight.


Some grasshoppers are a night life and others in the daytime, but those of night life, there are characterized for emiten sounds that can be listened by the human beings, this sound is generated when they rub the femurs against the wings or the abdomen, in any case they do not allow us to sleep, it is for it that when it is inside our house it is necessary to eradicate them, because also they are devourers of cloths.


East type of grasshopper which takes the photo presents the quite long antennas, I was investigated in the case that also a difference in the structure of the ovipositor, located in the auditory organ.

To part the grasshoppers in any case you do not have the wings developed, it is for it for which it rests of the jump as mechanism of defense, the most surprising thing they they experience a metamorphosis, it is a phase of conversion or of mutation by means of approximately 4 to 10 changes, depending on the species, also to the condoms of the zone where this one is.

All the photos were taken and they are of responsibility of @newton666.


Key of the genres of Iberian Grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Caelifera) written by Maria Eulalia Clemente, Maria Dolores García, Juan José Presa.



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