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Hi everyone, good night, tonight I want to show you some pictures that I took a few days ago, namely pictures of snail shells that have been left by their owners.


I found this shell behind my house when I happened to be looking for photography objects. This shell is from the sea, but this shell is taken by the snail to make its home to protect it from predators. The snail is a beautiful sea animal figure this snail has a place to live especially in salty water and he also lives in salty clay and here are some pictures of the snail shell.






Based on the picture above I have edited it using the monomad effect and I hope you can be entertained with some of my pictures and thank you.


hello dear, are they really snail shells? at first glance I was convinced that it was the final part of the screws that are used to nail the boards ... you took some really beautiful photos ... it would be nice to be able to print them and hang them on a wall at home ... really very suggestive! it seems they have a soul! How old have you been as a photographer? I really like these photos of yours. I want to follow you to see your other shots. I wish you a good evening to you and your family and congratulations again


This is real for its size

Thank you for your concern for me, I also want to be friends with you