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RE: Comparing Old Cameras - Canon, Panasonic, Sony 18 MP to 3.2 MP

in #photography2 years ago

Love this post, It showed me some cool sides of photography that I didn’t had clear like your 3 rules ...
I think all (you) made nice shots and I wouldn’t choose only one as the one. All of them have their points to love and hate.
You know, I used to take such kind of photos long time ago using analog cheap cameras, I think I have anywhere some undeveloped film rolls that maybe someday I’ll try and unveil not whitout learning from tutorials how to use chemicals needed 😂



Quickly! Develop your film rolls now when they still have some images in them! Film rolls have an expiry date you know.

And one should always experiment with chemicals without knowing what one is doing. :D

"If you like, go and take those chemicals
Don't think twice"