Nature Walk (pictures & story)

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Hi #steempeak ,

Here are a few great outdoor pictures from my walk in the forest last weekend.. Going for a walk is good for you get some fresh air and to clear your mind. If you open your eyes you see everything move and Beautifull colors around you.. I alway like to take some pictures with my smartphone on the way.
Here is a cool picture of a big old tree with mushrooms on it..


I am very Lucky i think because i just Walk out from my house and within 2 minutes i am in the forest and if i go a little further then there is also a very nice beach here. The forest is more my thing tho it has so much things that interact with each other and i like to see the wild life. For now it is a little cold but from next month i will see more animals again.


This picture up i really like because it show me that good weather is comming small vegitation growing on top of a dead tree. A Beautiful pictures if you ask me..


The nature give you alot of good things but you self must take the action and go Find it you won’t regret it!

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Good walking place and thers photos

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