Vivo X70 Is The Most Insane Camera Of 2021 With Built In Gimbal

in #photography7 months ago

Vivo 1st tried this Gimbal thing with X50 Pro. Now they've improved things to a point it's basically a camera that comes with a phone. There's a lot a creative person with a budget can do with X70 Pro :)

Not saying it's cheap.... but it's better than buying pro gear. Imagine what you've save on gimbal alone!


I've categorized the videos I found. You can pick what's interesting to you. Best parts will be camera comparison. That's the big selling point here :)



Camera Comparison

Fun Fact About Vivo

All those brands in the thumbnail is owned by BBK Electronics. It's a Chinese company that's a huge deal in smartphone industry. You probably had no clue about it :)