Beautiful Sunday - ALONG THE COASTLINE ... LAST SUMMER ...

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This Sunday I decided to resurrect through photography some sunny memories from the last summer.
And I'll start with a typical coastal scene. Some Cormorants, some rocks and the sea ... all of them quietly basking in the sun.
IMG_2347 malo.jpg
Here is a better, more up close, view at one of those birds. The Cormorants are usually my closest neighbors. I spend the majority of my summer days on the less accessible parts of the coastline with sharp rocks, because these places are great for snorkeling and I like desolate atmospheres with not many people around when I'm near the sea. Everything looks more majestic that way ... and is easier to be concentrated on what's going on in the surrounding nature.
IMG_7210 malo.jpg
Here you can take a short relaxing look at the changing texture of the sea...
IMG_7243 malo.jpg
... and another Cormorant passing by.
DSC08884 malo.jpg
Many interesting plants are growing on and between these rocks.
DSC08887 malo.jpg
And many interesting insects can be found in these little gardens. This is one of the most common moths in this area, but I don't know the exact species. I see them feeding during the day from time to time, and more often at dusk and during the night.
IMG_7331 male.jpg
This colorful Caterpillar ...
IMG_7278 malo.jpg
... of the inchworm type ...
IMG_7340 malo.jpg
... is another interesting animal ...
IMG_7285 malo.jpg
... that I couldn't identify through the Internet search.
IMG_7284 malo.jpg
She is feeding on tiny flowers of the Crithmum maritimum plant.
IMG_7286 malo.jpg
He, he ... I found at least the name of the plant.
IMG_7289 malo.jpg
Here you can see the Caterpillar holding part of the flower, like the squirrel holds the nut or acorn, ad example.
I found the name of this plant ... but unfortunately ...
IMG_6238 malo.jpg
... the interesting coastal plant ...
IMG_6216 malo.jpg
... that produces these amazing little flowers ...
IMG_6287 malo.jpg
... is still a mystery to me.
IMG_6208 malo.jpg
Their color varies a bit ...
IMG_6259 malo.jpg
... even on the same twig ...
IMG_6274 malo.jpg
... and they look like some small animals from some angles ... something out of the Muppet Show or Sesame Street.
IMG_6291 malo.jpg
The buds also look pretty cool ... like some alien pods ...
IMG_6289 malo.jpg
... or some similar SF stuff.
IMG_5821 malo.jpg
These are the minuscule flowers of the Limonium cancellatum, an endemic plant of the Eastern Adriatic.
IMG_6400 malo.jpg
And here is the young, brown version of the common European mantis, photographed on this plant.
DSC08986 malo.jpg
Sometimes, during the surreally hot and quiet summer day around the noon, while laying on the rocks after a bit of refreshing snorkeling through the shallows, you can hear a loud buzz coming from somewhere in between the small limestone mountains all around you.

And if you're lucky, you can observe the interesting Ammophila sabulosa sand wasp working on her den, using a small dried out part of some coastal plant. These wasp hunts and paralyze caterpillars, which are used as food storage for the larvae.
DSC08997 malo.jpg
Witness and photograph interesting animal behavior like this is, for me, the most exciting part of the summer ramblings along the shore.
DSC09100 malo.jpg
There is always some driftwood and pieces of wooden garbage present in these inlets. Here you can see a Wall lizard species resting on one of these wood pieces brought by the sea. This is the male, displaying the vivid colors during the mating season.
IMG_5721 malo.jpg
On this photograph, you can take a look at what seems like some mysterious artwork on a piece of driftwood.
IMG_5722 malo.jpg
These are the marks of the bark beetles. The tunnels are spreading radially from one central chamber ...
IMG_5733 malo.jpg
... and is interesting to notice this spiral one, very different from all the others. I don't know enough about these beetles to give you an explanation of this phenomenon.
IMG_5683 malo.jpg
Sometimes I rescue interesting species from the sea ...
IMG_5687 samoMALO.jpg
... like this Big-eyed bug ...
IMG_5701 malo.jpg
... that is drying its wings on my finger. I saw this species of Big-eyed bug for the first time that day.
DSC08847 samoMIKRO KROP.jpg
And here is another very peculiar insect that I saw for the first time on that occasion. And it wasn't only the first ... but the only time, actually. Looks like some froghopper species ... or relative ... but very strange ... and is mimicking jumping spiders in its postures and movements. It's very small and I hadn't the macro lens with me so the photograph is far from a good quality ... but you can see how interesting this little creature is.
IMG_2368 malo.jpg
Here is a very different and much bigger insect.
IMG_2360 malo.jpg
The Convolvulus hawk-moth (Agrius convolvuli) ... resting, camouflaged on the rocks. He'll be active later at dusk and during the short summer night.
DSC00483 malo.jpg
This big, exuberant yellow flower ...
DSC00503 malo.jpg
... is the most decorative part of the Glaucium flavum plant ... the Yellow horned poppy ...
DSC00502 malo.jpg
... called also the Sea-poppy here in the area ... a spectacular plant in my opinion...
... able to attract many small bees ...
DSC00485 malo.jpg
... and big fat bumblebees.
DSC00466 malo.jpg
There is always something cool to observe and photograph ...
DSC00468 malo.jpg
... while feeding ...
DSC00515 malo.jpg
... or flying around these beautiful flowers.
IMG_7096 malo.jpg
On this shot taken a bit further from the shore, you can see a small spider that hunts from ambush, without the web, on the thorny, blue Eryngium plant.
IMG_5667 malo.jpg
On the, also thorny, Scolymus hispanicus plant ... the flies are mating, sheltered by the thorns.
IMG_5679 malo.jpg
Another thorny plant ... and its lovely little flower ... but this time I'm not able to tell you the exact species.
IMG_6156 malo.jpg
An elegant and beautifully shaped leaf of some temporarily unidentified plant with no thorns ...
IMG_6140 malo.jpg
... and one of the many cricket species of this coastal habitat ... resting and hiding on the same plant.
IMG_5663 malo.jpg
A small flower on some other nearby plant and then ...
... finally another plant with an exact scientific name for a change ...
DSC09063 malo.jpg
... Aristolochia lutea ...
DSC09072 malo.jpg
... with interesting flowers. And now ...
DSC05843 malo.jpg
... with one of the many small wasp species of this hot and dry summer habitat ...
DSC04768 malo.jpg
... and a few shots ...
DSC04773 malo.jpg
... of the sunset above the sea ... is time to end this sunny summer post ... as always in these photographic excursions on Steemit, all the photographs and video materials are my work ... THE END.
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Nice summer photography.

It's all amazing, but the nesting wasp is in a class by itself.

There is some real action in that part of the post :)