Photo of the day from a trip of the month marked with Perun: lightning, thunder and rain during most of the days

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This is photography of an oak tree, taken at the mountain Stara Planina . Nobody in the village knows how old it is but, obviously, it is very old.


Oak symbolizes strength, power, longevity, spiritual and material wealth; its acorn fruit and its peel, have been used for nutrition and healing.

In Slavic mythology, oak is sacred tree, known as the tree of the god of thunder and stormy weather- Perun.
After supreme god Svarog, Perun is the most important god, who strikes and breaks and punishes injustice.

With the adoption of Christianity, Perun.s powers were attributed to the holy Elijah, known as Elijah the thunderer. The day of celebration of this saint is the 2nd of August.
The Wrath of Perun, Ancestors Legacy OST
The oak is part of the rituals that are still performed in the Orthodoxy during Christmas.