How I'm handling my panoramas! - Kuinka hanskaan panodraamani!

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I'm pretending to be a great photographer when taking panorama shots. Mostly it's because I don't own a good wide lens, so I'm trying to pretend to own one by taking panorama shots. Panorama shots are the reason I had to buy more DDR4 for my PC, so my computer could handle the huge panoramas I'm occasionally taking.

But now I'll show a bit how I'm stiching the panoramas together using Affinity Photo. I bought Affinity Photo because one day I realized I hate to use GIMP for anything and I wanted to get a real high quality software to be used. Photoshop was sadly out of question, as I'm trying to avoid monthly subscriptions. Affinity Photo was one of the photo editing software with great reviews, so I gave it a shot.

Now I don't even want to switch.

One of my favorite features is the panorama stiching tool. I'm showing here how it can handle a simple panorama of 14 photos. I took the photos of the most ugly church I've ever seen. I saw it when I was visiting some relatives during Christmas holidays, but the church is not the point in here.

Steemit panorama 1.PNG

The start was simple enough. I added all 14 photos to the "New panorama"-tool and then clicked "Stitch panorama". It automatically finds out the correct spots for each photo, as long as it's able to do that. If it can't find the stitch all the photos together, it can create 2 or more panoramas - or just leave out the extra photos it couldn't stitch anywhere.

Steemit panorama 2.PNG

After a while of thinking, the panorama is stiched together. I've taken the photos without a tripod, so there has been slight shaking, but usually I'm trying to have enough space to give a tolerance for mistakes. But now to the big picture, clicking OK takes us forward and the panorama will be rendered.

Steemit panorama 3.PNG

As you can see, there is some opaque in the photos. As Affinity Photo is still rendering, you can see dark spots in the sky. Luckily the program automatically removes most of mistakes like that.

But as the finished photo still has some empty space in it, it's time to crop the photo a bit.

Steemit panorama 4.PNG

Cropping can be done manually or automatically. "Crop to opaque" allows the program to recognize the opaque areas and crop the photo just enough that all the opaque will be left out.

The photo can also be straightened/rotated with this. Perfect when taking photos of the horizon, you can draw a simple line. The photo will be straightened based on the line, that the line would be either straight horizontal or straight vertical.

Steemit panorama 5.PNG

Now as the photo is cropped, we lost a small piece of the church in top left corner. It's fine though, as the church is ugly.

Steemit panorama 6.PNG

Now as we've proceeded to the normal editing phase, adjusting contrast, colors etc. we can zoom in and see the very fine details in the photo. I'm assuming you hadn't noticed it was snowing when I took the photos?

Steemit panorama 7.PNG

This ~100MP panorama would be almost 100 MB if saved with full quality. I'm assuming 20k * 5k pixels is a bit too much, as I don't want 100 megapixel photos of a building I don't even like.

Steemit panorama 8.PNG

So I decided to take the size down, that the longer side is ONLY 10k pixels. I'm not going to save this as PNG or TIFF, but as a high quality JPEG. I fucking love JPEGs.

I'm not sure what Steempeak does to files, but the finished panorama is below. You can hopefully open the image as a larger, more easily zoomed version from the link below. If Steempeak harms photo quality, don't worry. Nothing of value is lost.

But this is how simple my process of panorama stiching is. In best cases, it's just "Add photos", "Stich", "Ok" and "Crop to Opaque". Fun and easy. Even more fun with panoramas when I'm moving my camera left and right, but also up and down! Wooo! The issue is that in these cases the risk of vertical or horizontal lines being a bit.. glitchy. But that's also the reason I didn't show them to you this time.

Steemit panorama 9.jpgBigger size


What a great pano :D

And you said you don't know Finnish :D

I know bits and pieces ;D

Anything can be a great pano if you're brave enough ;)

Right now, I'd take any pano - just for the practice

Are you something they call "Panomies"?

You're right, that church is ugly!
The stitching process is pretty interesting, though.

Lucky for me, the stitching process is extremely simple for the average user like me.

I had been afraid of panorama photos for a long time as I thought I would need to do some manual work to get them right. Pffft! They're easy with the right tools.

I didn't know you function outside an oven! I am dying to learn how to edit photos properly and videos. Thank you for this lesson.

Now. What do I edit videos for YouTube with?

I can function anywhere I want ;)
Especially if I'm paid enough! If you know what I mean.

Oh you want to learn what to use to edit videos for YouTube with? What kind of editing do you have in mind? I know how to use (now discontinued) windows movie maker, which isn't available anymore, except in scammers websites.

So sorry, I don't have any suggestions on that.

I see... I get what you mean.

I am looking to upload edited videos on youtube to get paid so I am currently hunting on how to go about it. I have imovies on a faulty macbook. Thinking of giving it an alcohol bath to see if it rises from the dead. The websites are useless!

Thank you either way.

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