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Giddiest of ups to all who joined us for @clayboyn 's Coffee and Philosophy. on the much loved MSP Waves and P.A.L Discord Network. The recording of this particular show can be found here: Coffee and Philosophy Ep.73

Terence McKenna

This week we kicked off discussing the intelligence of plant life. The concept itself has been part of our history for a long time, many shamans and tribe elders have spoken of Plant Teachers, something which in more modern times we have bought back into the light.

The reference here is that our interaction with particular plants teaches us about life, our world and even the universe. While this may sound like some wild concept it is one which has been supported by scientific evidence that has indicated neurogenisis while interacting with plant life. This phenomenon was observed with a fMRI in a clinical setting.

fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

As many of us may have learned in school, human beings are made of a considerable amount of water, but if we consume too much water it can be lethal (hyponatremia). Much like anything else there is room for abuse of these kinds of tools, however, when comparing these 'drugs' to pharmaceuticals and even ordinary everyday drugs such as caffeine, many of these substances fall below danger levels of the LD50 (Lethal Dose 50%).


But what is the outcome of the interaction withe these plant teachers ? What is gained form these experiences ? While many will present their experiences as incredible journeys filled with previously unseen colours, exploring other universes, beings form other dimensions, and much more... the only thing we can say for sure is that for that time period... our perspective shifts.

How this impacts us is relative to the individual, more often than not we gain a greater understanding of the self, what we want in life and what we dont want... but if we choose to act on this insight ? well that is also up to the individual.

Our observations impact our own reality... our internal realm, but our observations can also impact the external reality. The mere act of watching can have immense outcomes on the events taking place, even the structure of what we are observing. (the following video is the twin slit experiment as promised on the show)

Double Slit Experiment

Extrapolation of this data has implications in a number of different areas, from Rupert Sheldrakes experiments on people being able to 'sense being watched' , through to 'blue shift' and 'red shift' as we look out into space.

Red/Blue Shift

keeping in mind that when we look up at the night sky and into oblivion we are looking at light coming to us from stars which may have burned out long ago... we are effectively impacting light which may have been around longer than we have existed....

We cover this and much more in the weekly Coffee and Philosophy show, the recording of which can be found at Coffee and Philosophy Ep.73.

If these kinds of topics and discussion are of interest I strongly recommend checking the schedule for Coffee and Philosophy and joining us in the live chat on the P.A.L Discord, so you can interact with us as well as the audience and help guide the conversation.


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