Quantum Mechanics Debunks Materialistic Science - Explained

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We have this illusion that reality is a big clockwork machine..
That everything is materialistic. Even your mind is just an effect of your brain's neuological webs, which are based on physics, chemics, elecricity..

...this is the classical/materialistic model most people just take as reality, even scientists.

Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment

While in the classical/ materialistic model everything is like a big crazy machine, the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment shows that it's more like quantum mechanics explains it.

It basically validates the super-position part of quantum mechanics.

Super-position says that when u're not looking at a thing it exists as the state of all of its possibilities.

Therefore observation is essential and absolutely fundamental to the concept of reality. There is no concept of reality without observation.
Without subjectivity, relativity,...

Quantum mechanics tells us that matter is identical to particles, which is identical to energy, which is identical to wave functions, which is identical to fields.

..But I don't want to get too technical, cuz I didn't study and I'm looking at it from a philosophical point of view.

Cuz what is matter? What are particles? What is energy? What are wave functions? What are fields? What are strings? What is mathematics? What is science? And what is human thought?
Cuz all of this is human thought.
And what is conciousness? Cuz all of this is happening withing human conciousness.

You never encounter a particle or a wave function or a string or a field.. You only encounter your own conciousness.

You see the circularity? The strange loopyness right here?

We're talking about the external world as if it's out there but really we're talking about our own minds.

And then when we wonder where does my mind exist? Well ofc it exists in the external world, it exists in the physical body, in the brain.
But where is the brain? How do I know there is a brain? Cuz it is in my mind.

So is the brain in the mind or is the mind in the brain?
Or maybe both? Or neither? Or maybe a super-position of all of those?

Hmmm.. Interesting! ;)

That's what I mean by strange loopyness circularity.

This is not a mistake. This does not mean that we dont know.
This means we know. But the thing we know is so radical that your mind can't handle it.
That's a very big, important difference, that often gets lost, even for scientists.

I also wanna mention that there is no objectivity (cuz that's part of the materialistic paradigm).
That classical "objective" assumption is that I'm over here and reality is over there. So I just ask the question how can reality exist?
But we can't do that. Cuz Quantum Mechanics say that we are entangled.

The questioner is involved within the question. At the most fundamental level.

So when you ask the question "why does reality exist?" you are asking "why do I exist?"
"What is reality?" - "What am I?"

And yes, absolutely, there is an answer. And yes, you can know it.

I'm looking at things more as kinda tools.
What is Quantum Mechanics? It is not what it is describing.
Like a map is not what it is describing.

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Use tools, don't be a tool. ;)

I hope I've introduced and motivated some people to take a path into a new horizon..
..and am happy to read some feedback. :)

Greets Jan


Good ol slit theory.

I was a software tester for ten years and the notion of seemingly inanimate objects changing behavior upon closer observation makes my face want to fall off from disappointment. 😧

By the way, I’m afraid to read your post. It might change if I read it too closely. (Jk 😁)


so your code changed when you looked closely? :D or did it just not do when executing what you wanted from it?^^

Yes, button mashing during the load screens while looking extremely close at the TV screen, would break the game. 😁

Great read! Love to learn about quantum-everything. Although I am not a scientist/physicist its not that hard to understand.

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Thank you (:
Glad to hear that!

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