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RE: The Way of the Tao

in #philosophy10 months ago

I'm familiar with "the zone."
During my time in the military we ran a few miles everyday, and there is definitely something that happens at times, which people call "the runners high", "second wind", "the zone."
Something similar also happens with music, and other musicians can attest that it is very powerful.

I can think of moments in my life (even recently) where I did not go with the flow and forced things that I wanted. The results were devastating, and I did think I was going with the flow, but it became evident later on that I wasn't.
(At least in these moments I can say I was being honest, even if they created issues with other people, which is another conundrum.. People say they want the "truth" but they often are not prepared for it.)

Thank you for the awesome article, you helped me realize some things, and I appreciate the work you're putting in and sharing with others.


Thank you buddy! :)

Yeah, I also know the flow state while dancing or playing music :D, good you're mentioning it! - we've organized modern electronic music events by ourselves :)