Why Our Species Is Failing

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The whole Truth in 2 minutes, only for those who can handle it.

A really free society respects Nature, knows that most science will fall short if not paying attention and endorsing Universal Laws -- and does not prioritize life first. It is very important to get that right because Bad always happens faster than Good.

Generating the greater good requires lots of dedication, as opposed to the bad: one can ruin one's life in a few seconds. Actually, there is a reason as to why the bad occurs much faster, merely because it exists to remind the path leading to the Good at all times. And since we neglect the Principles of Life, the world has been getting worse much quicker over the last century.

We, as a civilization, do not listen and prefer instant gratification which inexorably sets into motion the Law of Causality. Nothing is random though corporate science would like us to think otherwise, and ultimately serves much darker purposes that only 0.001% know about. We have outlined these dark intents many times.

We have broken the Law too many times to reverse our position to Good fast enough and therefore will have to endure a total breakdown of society, which will either lead to a fresh start... or permanent digital servitude.

The exploitation of life as a whole has propelled a scientific technocracy and which now pretends to care about humanity but wants us to cooperate under its own consensuses designed by questionable experts working in tango with the monetization of healthcare and our DNA.

Although we seriously discourage and even blast monetarism, we are not really against it at the condition society simply recognizes that profits always come at the expense of many. Money is okay as long it serves to strictly follow input and output and keeps both sides balanced. Yet, this could be achieved by any money-free accounting system, however. Hyper-consumerism is the result of such an imbalance and why we destroy the ecosystem at a pace unseen before.

While it is true that the onslaught on Nature is affecting weather patterns, the climate change ideology and imposed corporate solutions are very likely concocted to terraform our planet: the latter do not address frantic overconsumption of raw materials, and instead rather serve as a smoke-screen hypnotizing the masses into accepting what is being done to them and the environment.

No matter how we look at the picture, we need mathematics to avoid problems. But since our scientific technocracy is looking the other way, the mother of all disasters is now fast approaching. Individualism will not win that one but long-lasting cooperation and coordinated efforts. It is all that is left.

Competition has always been a bad idea. Hear it from the mouth of George Carlin directly: Why Our Species Is Failing (1992)


Looks like we are doing pretty damn good if you ask me. We are the most successful species ever outside of bacteria!